Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-41

The rest of the day was usual in its own way for the residents of the Sex Apartment. Gautam was at his office, and was very happy from a fulfilling last night with Divya, the lady whom he had met in the train on his way back from Kolkata. And […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-25

While Gautam was busy in having fun behind his wife’s back, back at the apartment – Borah too was hatching plans to utilise the treasure he had uncovered during his seminar in the resort outside the city. It was a lazy Sunday morning and all his colleagues were in a […]

Blissful Activities – Part 1

Coming to the day of my final graduation exam. I was allotted a center in North Mumbai while my home was in South Mumbai. On the day of the exam, I reached the center 2 hours prior exam. When I saw the college building I was stunned, the building was […]

Mother’s Purity

I belong to a very conservative family of Brahmins. My father being a priest, and this has been the family occupation for generations, was a very pious man and so was my mother. Thus my upbringing was very religious and I learnt Sanskrit from my father and became very good […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-6

In our previous episode we have seen how Reddy inspired the residents of the building to join his health spa. Few of them had already decided to join and start enjoying the benefits at the earliest. Meanwhile Mrs. Nair was convinced that Borah had a crush on her, and so […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-5

A new and fresh morning had greeted all the residents of our Sex apartment, though Borah and Mrs. Nair were the first to greet it but slowly all the residents were getting involved too. And most of them had gathered at the lawn to enjoy the freshness of the morning. […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-3

Anita was in her bedroom, combing her long hairs in front of the mirror. But at the same time she was also lost in the thoughts of the hunk-ish young man she had just seen in the party, she was amazed by the close resemblance of Reddy with the man […]