Illegal Orgasm Part-9

Mumtaz knew someone who could help them nab Alex. He was a police commissioner, a middle-aged man. He could easily use the evidence Lissy provided to get Alex in prison. “He will ask for more than evidence. He will demand that I satisfy him,” Mumtaz groaned. But Mumtaz always resisted […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-27

In our last episode, Aarushi was concerned and stressed about her exams which was just a few days ahead. And she was not prepared for writing the exams. Alike most of her other friends she too was seeking help from the rest of her classmates, but they selfishly refused to […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-35

After taking a nap with Abigail, we both headed back to campus on the bikes. It was evening time. We reached the town and returned the bike rental and other gears. Abigail: This was fun!Me: Yes, it was awesome!Abigail: I told you I would give an answer by the end […]