Afghan Pleasure

All the incidents took place about 6 years back when I was a student. The heroine of the story is Gurpreet Kaur a Sikh girl, my batchmate. At the time, Gurpreet was a busty girl who used to wear tight jeans and t-shirts. Her ass and boobs were always prominently […]

Missing Essence Part-4

Sonali continues her story about the flirt. Madhan was sucking my boobs, and I was doing handjob to Madhan. This continued for some time. Later, Madhan pulled me down from the furniture table and pushed under the table. I was expecting that he will push his dick inside my mouth. […]

Air Hostess

Hi, my name is Shreya. I am a former air hostess and currently a high profile prostitute. I have a figure that every man would want to have. Let me describe myself. My breasts are of size 36 uplifted which makes them look bigger and pointed. I have a 38 […]

Lust for Cocks

Read this story about how a naughty married woman teases me for her own benefit. Later, a hot camgirl becomes the same naughty woman and has sex with me! 😮

BDSM Story

It was 9 pm and I was up for some fun. Some B&D fun. Liza my usual sub had moved on and I hadn’t bothered looking for anyone new. I had a lot of work on and its not that hard to get your dick sucked on holidays. Well anytime […]

Love Spanking

I had been working for the company for over two years and enjoyed my job as a secretary. I had lots of chances to meet different people and I enjoyed telling occasional lies for my boss. He was one of the nicest bosses I have ever worked for and I […]

Best Sex Ever

I was back in Sydney with time to kill, as I wasn’t meeting with friends until tomorrow evening. I have always liked the coast and have a room at the Grand in Manly. The concierge recommended I head to the Seafront Hotel when I asked where would be a good […]

Secret Sex

Morning came way too fast and I barley even mumbled goodbye as Jane kissed me told me she will be home late as she has a mountain of work to do. ‘I’d much rather be home sucking your cock back to life and getting ploughed for the rest of the […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-12

Kiran and Gautam Chatterjee were a couple who could not help but cheat on each other. While Gautam slept with her sister Rashmi, Kiran found pleasure in an old man on wheels. Kiran’s affair with Mr. Khan continued while Gautam suspected her of sleeping with the son Junaid, a widower. […]