My Horny Mistress

My story dates back to my teenage days. Today, I am well settled but it was not always like that. Few years back, our family was passing through a deep financial crisis. My parents decided to send to me to Delhi at my uncle’s place so that I could earn […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-41

After the exhausting session with Anna in the garage, I made up my mind to ready the office in the garage within 2 weeks. For the next two weeks, I worked hard and got the office ready. It has new carpet, a table and a comfortable chair for me. I […]

Fucking my girl on a moving bus

This is the incident when I was studying for my graduation. My life was going pretty decently. I had a beautiful girlfriend named Latika; briefly 5’4″ in height and one of the hottest girls from the college. She had a light olive skin tone and a figure which could turn […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 12

In the previous part, I stopped when I entered the room. Anna was nowhere to be found. I had the room for myself. I changed my underwear after that insane dirty stuff with the teacher. There was a knock on the door. It was Eve. Eve: Hey!Me: Oh! Hello?Eve: Come, […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 6

It was morning. I opened my eyes. There she is, still sleeping. But she has turned to her right now. Our heads are facing each other. Gosh! She looks so pretty! Her face looks really cute! My dick was acting up again. I got up. Because of my movement, Anna […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 2

I couldn’t believe she agreed. She was getting naked. It was feeling like my lucky day! She turned back and removed her top. Surprise! Surprise! She was not wearing any bra. I could see her naked back. She bent down to remove her shoes and pants. I could again see […]

Falling Prey

It was party time and this diwali we were celebrating it with my sister and her family who had come down to our place from delhi as markets remain closed there for a whole week. Jiju (Brother-in-Law) and didi (elder sister) along with their 9 yr old son were to […]