Sex in Bathtub

I am 27, a software engineer with a well-built body for those who did not read it. The first story was about losing my virginity to Anjali, a super sexy girl I met on a dating site. I will tell you the story of sex in the bathtub. Quick recap: […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-14

THEN: Induja Nair was a beautiful Malayali woman in her late twenties who was married to Mrs. Nair’s younger brother. Her husband Ajay worked in Gulf hence she was an unsatisfied housewife until she decided to cheat on her husband by sleeping with her colleague Prof Jayant, a man in […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-29

In the last episode we have seen how Anita was utilizing Kiran’s absence to the full. She had been jealous of Kiran and Reddy’s closeness and wanted to seduce Reddy for herself. Later she was successful in blackmailing Kiran away from him. And then slowly worked herself closer to Reddy, […]

Sexual Desire Fulfilled

I am working in an MNC in Germany since 2016 after completing my MBA. I am 34 years old, married but like most of us here, always looking for adding spices in my sexually boring life. I am a normal-built individual with 5’10” (1.78 m) height and above-average looks. Well, […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-24

Gautam was very keen for that night, ever since he had been back in his in laws he was looking for opportunities to be with his sexy sister-in-law, Rashmi. However, not wanting to air any suspicion, the two pretended to be the ideal sister-in-law brother-in-law duo, but inside both had […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-23

It had been a dream come true day for most of the people in the apartment. Anita had been dreaming for Reddy ever since she had seen him, and in the Sunday morning she had him seduced and playing with her body. They had spent such a steaming little time […]

Girl in a Metro

I am a college student in Kolkata. Today, I am going to share with you a life-changing experience which many people dream of but it happened with me in real life. I was traveling from Dumdum and as usual, there were a lot of people already. I entered and directly […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-15

It was late in the night on Friday. Sowmya was growing restless as she hasn’t received any message as was told by Mr. Dutt. She was checking her mobile frequently in anticipation but nothing came till then. At the same time, those words ‘BE OPEN TO ANYTHING AND DON’T GIVE […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-8

Our story had taken some exciting turn already, in previous episode we have read how Kiran slowly but finally gave up and got involved in a discreet relationship with Reddy. Gautam too wasn’t far behind, as he took full advantage of his divorce seeking client – Mrs. Ahuja. But while […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-7

At the same time, fate had been kind on Reddy too. He had never imagined of an opportunity to present itself like the one he got with Kiran. He had always dreamt of fucking her from the moment he had seen her, but always believed that it will be difficult […]