Exchange for Cock

It happened recently and I didn’t expect such a turn of events will happen. Since its Covid-19 pandemic and it is increasing rapidly, many were staying at home for safety. I too was asked to work from home and somehow reached my native place before the lockdown was ordered. So […]

Birthday Present

Roy was quite old and much elder to Shivani. He was 57 years old whereas Shivani was 45. He was a rich diamond merchant and Shivani was his trophy wife, who he loves and respects a lot. The only downer in their relationship was their sex-life. Shivani couldn’t enjoy their […]

Fantasies and Reality

I don’t even know that someone will contact after reading stories. I just installed and I got a message from a woman her name is Manali. She was from Tamil Nadu. She messaged me on May 1st midnight. Since she was a woman curiosity I asked her pic. Before that, […]

She is Mine

It was a sunny Sunday. I got frustrated because of the heat inside the room and how I was sweating completely. The main reason for that was power cut for the whole day due to transformer maintenance in the locality. My body was completely drenched with sweat. I felt like […]