An Intimate Experiment

I just walked inside the cottage casually, throwing my sack away on the floor. I looked for my father in all the walled chambers of my cottage but couldn’t find him. I immediately knew where he would be. I stepped down the passage to the basement. There he was, sitting […]

Sex with Neighbor

Round ass. Plump tits that bounce when she jogs. The way she looks at me and waves. My favorite part of the day is waiting for the neighbor to run by my house with her dog. Always smiling, always acknowledging my presence. As if a mature goddess such as her […]

Big sis slept

My sister & I have been really close for as far back as I remember. Growing up we did every thing together, we eat, played, went to school and even slept together until, I think, about when I was 14. I am now 38 and my sister is 2 years […]

Sex University

It is 9’o clock in the night and Samir is in his apartment which is right in the middle of the Green Valley town. He is on his bed inside the blanket and he is wearing just a blue t-shirt and a boxer. He already has a boner thinking about […]