Illegal Orgasm Season-2 Part-2

Mumtaz walked out from her posh office cabin. It’s been two days since the final hearing. Mumtaz was in her formal suit as usual. She punched the key for the parking lot on the elevator. The air from the fan inside the elevator almost blew her head veil away. She […]


Tired of my boring daily life and workload, I got really pissed off and wanted some time off for myself. I just wanted to have some fun so I could completely forget about work and spare a couple of hours just for myself. I heard of a music concert and […]

Lustful Rendezvous Part-3

I reached home from Sandy’s place around 1:30 pm. I had a bit of a scolding from mom as to where I was and stuff. We all ate lunch at home. The whole time, I was thinking only about what happened in the afternoon. I seriously couldn’t believe a bit […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-35

It was late in the night, Sowmya was busy checking her emails and browsing through her facebook profile. She was still very overjoyed with her first income and was waiting anxiously for the photo shoot. Though at times she pondered what she had to do to earn the break, she […]

Surprise Visit

With utter chaos and lockdowns across the world and in the city, I am totally confined to my apartment. The only time my skin could absorb some sunlight is when I walk out to my apartment balcony. The only humans that I could see are the old lady in the […]


The emotions had been building up for the past three months. Nothing was the same since she had come into his team. He stayed back in the conference rooms long after she left, just breathing in her perfume. He stole secret glances over his laptop to grab a glimpse of […]