Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-16

Sowmya’s heart was beating faster than the Rajdhani express. She had never been cozy with any girl before. Pooja was slowly walking towards her, she didn’t look much bothered and seemed quite unusually comfortable with what she was about to do. For once, Sowmya thought of running away, but then, […]

The Night Crossing

“You know the best way to warm up is for you to take your shirt off, too. Skin against skin,” Emma tilted her head back and nuzzled Rachel’s neck. “You are insane.” Rachel’s embarrassment was hard to hide. Nonetheless, a twinge of excitement raced through her. She had never experienced […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 21

Anna and I went outside and were standing near the stairs. Anna: So Rose. And you. And Jason.Me: Yeah. Is this all that we’re going to talk about today?Anna: Hey this is unexpected, we’re talking about it!Me: Ok. Ok. Anna: Was she good at it?Me: She was good yes.Anna: Rose? […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 16

In the last part, Anna and I were feeling each other in our room when Chloe turned up Chloe: What’s going on here? Fuck! Anna: I’m sorry. I got some bad news.Me: I was comforting her.Chloe: What happened? Anna: My cousin had an accident.Chloe: I’m very sorry to hear that! […]