Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-16

Sowmya’s heart was beating faster than the Rajdhani express. She had never been cozy with any girl before. Pooja was slowly walking towards her, she didn’t look much bothered and seemed quite unusually comfortable with what she was about to do. For once, Sowmya thought of running away, but then, […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-39

I was really glad that I could convince all my ladies into a multi relationship. Now I can sleep with all my three ladies – Chloe, Rose, and Anna, anytime I want. I was just wondering about how we are gonna live. Chloe: I think we should buy a house […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-37

Rose and I were exhausted after our hot sex session in the classroom. We both were lying on the floor naked. After some silent moment, Rose spoke out. Rose: You know what? I want to propose something.Me: What?Rose: Remember when, you know, me, Chloe, you? The library? What we did?Me: […]