Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-6

While Gautam cheated on his wife Kiran with her own sister Rashmi, Kiran too had found a new sex partner, the elderly Mr. Khan. Gautam suspected his wife of sleeping with Mr. Khan’s son Junaid. Rashmi had just saved her job by blowing her boss. However, little did she know […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-1

The air was chilly and the atmosphere dreamy, as it rained incessantly outside. Monsoon had arrived on time and the residents of Sex Apartment did nothing but stay indoors and enjoy the feeling of togetherness. It had been far too long since the unfortunate events of Sowmya’s party had unfolded. […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-12

Kiran was just back from the Gym, she had started visiting the gym in the evenings. That is when there are not many girls there and she would wait for the rest to leave. And she would utilize the changing room with Reddy. That day too wasn’t much different. Both […]