My Ex-Girlfriend

This is one experience which I had in my life last month. Before I go forward let me introduce the heroine of the story. Her name is Yashaswi who was my love during my bachelor’s degree. She is an average girl with a cute face having 34b-28-36 size body structure. […]

She is Mine

It was a sunny Sunday. I got frustrated because of the heat inside the room and how I was sweating completely. The main reason for that was power cut for the whole day due to transformer maintenance in the locality. My body was completely drenched with sweat. I felt like […]

My Newlywed Crush

Our next-door neighbor Rajiv had recently gotten married to Sneha. Rajiv lived alone and his parents were in a remote town in UP. The day Sneha moved in, my mom gave me two thalis to deliver at their home and advised me to leave them alone. She told me not […]

Blissful Activities – Part 2

As Yash and I left college, he took me to his car and drove me to his friend’s home. The next day was the weekend so he instructed me to tell my home that I will be late as going to friend’s home. I did so. He took me to […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-43

Chloe and Rose were impressed with my decoration of the master bedroom. Both my girls rewarded me by letting me fuck them. Wow! Fucking a pregnant lady was always my fantasy. I was living my dream by fucking two pregnant ladies. Anna was also impressed with my skills. We were […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-38

After that intense threesome session with Anna and Rose, we fell asleep very quickly. Rose and I woke up early so that we can visit Chloe at her Grandma’s place. Anna was sleeping, God! She’s looking really beautiful sleeping naked. Rose: I’ll call Chloe to check if she is still […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-36

After having a great day threesome with Eve and the stripper girl, I and Eve headed back to school. We went to the class directly. After the class, I went to my room and took a nap, as I was really tired waking up and having too much sex. Anna […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-33

We headed back to Rose’s room. Abigail was in the room. Abigail: Where were you?Me: Uhhh.Abigail: I’ve been looking all over for you!Rose: Hi Abigail. Abigail: What are you doing with this one? She’s going to drop your cool status.Rose: Thanks.Abigail: You’re welcome! So? Explain yourself!Rose: We were at the […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-32

I was in Rose’s room. There she is, she seems sad. Me: Hey Rose.Rose: Oh! Hey A. I think she was crying. She looks so upset. Me: What’s up? Are you ok?Rose: No. I hate that Chloe left.Me: Well. Everyone else is still here! Rose: Who? Abigail? Now that Chloe […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-29

I went to my room. Anna was still outside. I saw Lisa entering the room. Lisa: Hey, hero!Me: Lisa.Lisa: What are you up to today?Me: No idea. Lisa: Same here. I’m hoping to have some fun today, tomorrow I’m back to work. Maybe we’ll do something together, go out or […]