Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-16

THEN: Seema’s scholarship got rejected rendering her with no source to pay her college fees. Mr. Singh stumbled upon the footage of Seema and Irfan making out in his restaurant. However, instead of firing her, he makes her an offer. He asks her to join his friend’s brothel for the […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-14

THEN: Induja Nair was a beautiful Malayali woman in her late twenties who was married to Mrs. Nair’s younger brother. Her husband Ajay worked in Gulf hence she was an unsatisfied housewife until she decided to cheat on her husband by sleeping with her colleague Prof Jayant, a man in […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-10

Rashmi’s Boss Mr. Dutt was taking her on a business trip to convince few businessmen to invest in their company. Mrs. Nair, the owner of Prem Paradise, a forty-year-old MILF, had lost all the self-control she had built over time and slept with an eighteen-year-old neighbour Aamir. NOW: Aamir knocked […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-3

While Gautam and Rashmi were busy making out behind Kiran’s back, Kiran too had found a new fuck friend. An elderly man called Mr. Khan. Irfan was waiting for a chance to take Seema’s virginity after their intimate moment in Sex Apartment and a colleague Prof Jayant had asked Induja […]

Goa Vacation

I am 22 years old from Pune, pursuing B.Tech from a reputed organization. This incident happened to me 3 months back. I was vacationing in Goa as the semester holidays were going on. I was invited by my aunt for this trip. It was my aunt Ritu (46), uncle (48), […]

Awesome Threesome

One of the readers reached out to me after reading my story. He reached out to me first through an email, and then we started chatting online. He introduced himself as Aslam, aged 38, living in Dubai. His wife Faiza was aged 33, and they had 1 kid aged 1 […]

Screwed my Horny Maid

I live in Chennai formerly known as madras which in southern part of India. I am basically a engineering graduate. Let me come to the story now, this happen while doing my final year of college. We have a servant maid in our house of age 38, But if you […]