Illegal Orgasm Part-2

“Hello, admirer?” Mumtaz spoke, staring at herself in the mirror. She looked like a woman aching for a man between her legs. She was wet. The person on the other side cut the call immediately. Was he shy, or was he acting? Mumtaz couldn’t differentiate. She called him again! “Never […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-46

Anita was on her fours, like an obedient but horny bitch. She was completely naked, but didn’t felt at all embarrassed. In fact she was ready to do anything to keep her lover – Reddy – pleased with herself. Reddy too was well aware of her desperation and possessiveness with […]

Quarantine Sex

“What happened Bhabhi? Why are you crying like this?” I asked my sister-in-law, Manisha, seeing her sob vehemently. I was sleeping, and I had just woken up hearing her scream and shout. “Kamlesh is stranded in Delhi. I told him so many times not to go. He is stuck there. […]

My Horny Mistress

My story dates back to my teenage days. Today, I am well settled but it was not always like that. Few years back, our family was passing through a deep financial crisis. My parents decided to send to me to Delhi at my uncle’s place so that I could earn […]

Big Boobs Teacher Part-1

After my intermediate, I had to move to Mumbai to do my B. tech in one of the reputed universities there. That is where I met Latika ma’am. She was my maths teacher in the first year. I like the subject maths but little did I know that I would […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-32

I was in Rose’s room. There she is, she seems sad. Me: Hey Rose.Rose: Oh! Hey A. I think she was crying. She looks so upset. Me: What’s up? Are you ok?Rose: No. I hate that Chloe left.Me: Well. Everyone else is still here! Rose: Who? Abigail? Now that Chloe […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 22

In the last part, I ended where I, Eve and the Milf woman had a threesome. Eve wanted more. So I left the girls to have more fun. I was in my room. Lisa and Anna were having a conversation. Me: Oh hey girls!Anna: Hey A!Lisa: Hello!Me: What’s up? Anna: […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 21

Anna and I went outside and were standing near the stairs. Anna: So Rose. And you. And Jason.Me: Yeah. Is this all that we’re going to talk about today?Anna: Hey this is unexpected, we’re talking about it!Me: Ok. Ok. Anna: Was she good at it?Me: She was good yes.Anna: Rose? […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 19

I left the motel and headed to the school campus on the bus. The campus looks like the wild west again, desolate and empty. Where is everyone going? I saw Eve sitting on the ground on the side of the campus road. She saw me coming and stood up. Me: […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 8

We were in Chloe’s room. Chloe: You were fun in class!Me: You too!Chloe: But we should pay more attention next time. Me: Looks that way.Chloe: Come on, sit here.Me: Ok. I like where this is going. I set on Chloe’s bed. My back was resting on the right wall. Chloe: […]