Sex with Bubble

Just follow me and I will show you how to please a woman and make her come back for more… Can you feel how hard you have made the nipples?’ she asked. I was like a schoolboy being taught one of the best lessons life had to offer, and I was a keen student.

Sexual Perks

I’m a 25-year-old security guard in a large, upscale department store in Long Island, New York. I like my job well enough. It’s even interesting sometimes. But mostly I like it because…

Gang Bang

The guys launch at me and grab my clothes; buttons spraying everywhere as they rip my top off.I feel hands throw me to the bed ripping at my tights – the last barrier of clothing protecting me from the impending onslaught. I am lost in a dream I’ve had a thousand times but only today it’s real. The men are real and the cocks are real.

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-16

Sowmya’s heart was beating faster than the Rajdhani express. She had never been cozy with any girl before. Pooja was slowly walking towards her, she didn’t look much bothered and seemed quite unusually comfortable with what she was about to do. For once, Sowmya thought of running away, but then, […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-14

It was a tensed situation at Reddy’s gym. After having avoided Reddy throughout the morning, Kiran finally gave away to her desire to meet him. She wanted a quick meeting where she would explain her dilemma and leave quickly. But things didn’t work out as she wanted as Reddy was […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-13

It was a fresh and sunny morning. Reddy’s Gym was buzzing with a lot of people, and he too was busy in assisting them, showing them some exercises, sharing tips etc. He is normally very charged up and excited every morning, and ever since he had been having this affair […]

Lusty Landlady With Discounted Rent

It was July 2017 and scorching summer heat took its toll. But Priya a 32 years old beautiful lady with her one-year-old son had a new turn in her life, along with new challenges. Her marriage just broke up after the coordination of three years. It left Priya and her […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-4

On the same night and far away from the apartment, Rahul, Mr. Sharma’s son, was out for having group study with his friends. But, in reality, Rahul and his friends had decided to enjoy the night at a newly opened disco. The Club Prada was opened a week ago and […]