ass cracks

Interest Payment Part-5

So I will continue from where I had left off. By now, I was fucked by Mahesh and Shekhar, groped by the Swiggy guy, Moin, and top of it, Vikram had made recordings of it. Daniel and I are now on the complete mercy of these people. As Ismail ordered, […]

Illegal Orgasm Part-5

Mumtaz rested another 15 minutes on that table. She had a satisfaction that she had never got. She moved her hand between her legs. She was still dripping wet. Mumtaz got up and took the lingerie her admirer had kept it on the table. She didn’t wear it. She was […]

Dream Fulfilled

The Raleigh weather is great in June. I had already passed my online test, and I was going for my driving test with Pallavi bhabi. I wasn’t so concerned about the test ahead but my entire focus was to get a glimpse of Pallavi, my crush. She was not too […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-4

On the same night and far away from the apartment, Rahul, Mr. Sharma’s son, was out for having group study with his friends. But, in reality, Rahul and his friends had decided to enjoy the night at a newly opened disco. The Club Prada was opened a week ago and […]