69 position

Missing Essence Part-2

Mukesh, my boyfriend, tried to please me by fucking me in every sexual position. But now I knew my lust could be satisfied only by Madhan, my colleague.

One night Stand

Hello to one and all, I have been a regular person to get entertained by the erotic stories which kindles my imagination and lights the fire in me with excitement. Thanks to all the

Tinder Date

One lucky day I got a match on the Tinder app where we started texting. After a few hours of conversation, we shared our Instagram IDs. Then after a few days, we shared our numbers. Then we used to talk on calls. One day our conversation went from good talks […]

Submissive Slave

I love to spend my weekends partying around the city. I have some friends who love doing it and sometimes I love to go and make new friends out there. On many weekends, my parents visit our farmhouse outside the city, so I am practically all alone till Monday mornings. […]


Hello, there my name is Sveta, I am a 28-year-old girl. I am a little busty with a 36C-34-38 figure. I have a curvy figure and a plumpy ass. My family belongs to Bihar, and we shifted to Mumbai just a couple of years ago. I was brought up with […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-3

While Gautam and Rashmi were busy making out behind Kiran’s back, Kiran too had found a new fuck friend. An elderly man called Mr. Khan. Irfan was waiting for a chance to take Seema’s virginity after their intimate moment in Sex Apartment and a colleague Prof Jayant had asked Induja […]

The Lovers Part-2

After last night, it’s not casual anymore. We are not fooling around playing with ourselves. We both truly love each other. And the fact that Kavi is mad about me is making me feel very special. Picking her up and dropping her. Going on dates with her, shopping with her. […]

Flirty Birdie

This is about my colleague in my workplace. Shreya (25 years) was her name, a typical bold hot and flirty girl. She was always bubbling with energy at work and used to provide the much needed ‘cool’ to the eyes to all the males out there. She was open about […]

My Landlord’s Wife

I am a massager in a local spa. In my spa, we give a massage, gents to gents and ladies to ladies. We don’t give any intimate fun to anyone in our spa. I give private massage to ladies at their residence or in the hotel they book. I have […]