A Love and Sex Story

I sat by the front door of my apartment with my winter jacket and boots on, the TV was playing but I couldn’t pay attention to what was on the screen. Chris and I had just started dating, and he said he had planned something special to celebrate our first […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-16

THEN: Seema’s scholarship got rejected rendering her with no source to pay her college fees. Mr. Singh stumbled upon the footage of Seema and Irfan making out in his restaurant. However, instead of firing her, he makes her an offer. He asks her to join his friend’s brothel for the […]

Pleasure from my Beauty Therapist

She is around 40 I guess and immaculately groomed. She has a meticulously made up face with perfect red lipstick to match her nail polish. A severe black bob frames her angular features and makes her green eyes stand out. Her crisply ironed, white beautician’s uniform shows off her slender […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-15

THEN: Induja Nair was Mrs. Nair’s newly married sister-in-law whose husband worked in GULF. To satisfy her growing sexual needs, she began an affair with a colleague Prof Jayant who failed to do so. Aamir was an eighteen-year-old boy who was smitten by Induja. He had even started taking tuitions […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-14

THEN: Induja Nair was a beautiful Malayali woman in her late twenties who was married to Mrs. Nair’s younger brother. Her husband Ajay worked in Gulf hence she was an unsatisfied housewife until she decided to cheat on her husband by sleeping with her colleague Prof Jayant, a man in […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-13

Gautam Chatterjee suspected his wife, Kiran, of cheating on him with a neighbor Junaid Khan. Due to this, he was having vile thoughts about the two of them and he could not help but get aroused by these thoughts. Therefore, he sought the help of Baba Sadachari who put him […]

Best Group Sex

The drought broken with the story of Lily, I checked into my hotel and opened my emails. It isn’t always easy to find what you need when you need it, so a few months back I had created a website called ‘Sex Secret’. People go on line and leave their […]

Fucking a Married Girl after Setting

यह कहानी आज से बारह साल पहले की है. तब मैं अठाईस साल का एक लड़का था. मेरी हाईट 5 फीट 10 इंच और एकदम फिट बॉडी. फिटनेस तो अभी भी लगभग वैसी ही है. लेकिन उम्र 40 की हो गई है. सन 2008 में मैं एक बार किसी शादी […]