Sex Lessons

Raj was looking for a new place to stay. It became hard for him to search for a place as he is a bachelor. His office colleagues suggested a place where a family of the mother (Anjali) and daughter (Keerthana) stays. Keerthana is a 19 years old traditional, orthodox, Brahmin […]

Lockdown Frustration

This lockdown had made everyone a little stressed, I guess. The same was with me. I was very much frustrated by sitting idle in my house. All my friends have been into some kind of long lost talent hunt. But I don’t like that idea. So I became busy on […]


I was married in 2015 and at that time my wife was 23 and my sister-in-law was 18. My wife and SIL are very good friends and my wife used to tell her how good I am in BED when it comes to foreplay or intercourse. So that helped me […]

Sex with Bubble

Just follow me and I will show you how to please a woman and make her come back for more… Can you feel how hard you have made the nipples?’ she asked. I was like a schoolboy being taught one of the best lessons life had to offer, and I was a keen student.


Hello, there my name is Sveta, I am a 28-year-old girl. I am a little busty with a 36C-34-38 figure. I have a curvy figure and a plumpy ass. My family belongs to Bihar, and we shifted to Mumbai just a couple of years ago. I was brought up with […]

Prom Night

It’s every girl’s dream to have a date for the prom and to possibly lose their virginity before going to college. It was only one day until her prom and 18 year-old Jasmine didn’t have a date. Her efforts to make Chris, the school football captain, notice her had all […]

Truth or Dare Part – 2

Seeing Ananya’s armpits so close and the thought that I licked her armpit was driving me crazy. I now knew she is trying to seduce me. Even I was in the mood and just wanted to jump on her and eat her completely. But I remembered Ayeesha (my lover) at […]

Uninvited Guest

I had my first ever experience around a month ago with an old black colleague, Scott, and I shared it with the community here. I received hundreds of emails as a response to the story. I usually never reply to any of them apart from a small thank you note, […]

Losing Virginity

To get it out of the way, I’m 5’9, pretty skinny, and have a medium complexion. I have a standard 6-inch tool that’s quite thick. I’m 24 now. This event took place back when I had completed 18 in the summer of 2014. I had just got done with my […]

Pandemic Love

She knew I was staring at her from the beginning. What a mesmerizing girl, I thought. My heart raced, eyes could not leave her small ass, her lingering perfume engulfed my senses. If only our age gap wasn’t so big, I would definitely try to speak with her. Even the […]