Big Boobs Teacher Part-2

I was helping my professor, Latika ma’am. While returning home, we got stuck in our college lift. While we waited to be rescued, I found a way to fuck her. She stopped me and said, “I will squeeze them with my hands. You just suck on them,” with her head […]

Boss’s Whore Part-1

Hi, this story is about sexy Latika. I am about 5’5”, with stats of 32-28-34, sharp tits and a juicy, hairless cunt which has been fucked by 10 guys thus far. I am still a virgin by ass. My complexion is dusky. In short, I have a fuckable body with […]

Big Boobs Teacher Part-1

After my intermediate, I had to move to Mumbai to do my B. tech in one of the reputed universities there. That is where I met Latika ma’am. She was my maths teacher in the first year. I like the subject maths but little did I know that I would […]

Bliss Boarding School Part-27

Lisa and I headed back to the cabins, this time of course with the teacher’s bottle. I saw Anna, Rose, and Chloe chatting. Me: I think they found out we won.Lisa: The returning champions.Me: Now we can miss class whenever we want! Lisa: Too bad it’s only one time.Me: It’s […]

Bliss Boarding School – Part 18

I woke up. Lisa and Anna were having a conversation. Lisa: I’m really, really sorry!Anna: Don’t be! It’s not your fault and I don’t mind. Ah! Morning. I wonder what that is all about. Anna: I’m going out, see you in class.Lisa: See you there!Me: Morning! Anna: Hey A!Lisa: Good […]

Tasted Professor in Her Cabin

I am back with another story. My previous story got a very good response. Thank you for encouraging me to write more. I am always ready to help and lady or female in any way they want. Sorry for the delay. I was busy satisfying my physical urges. Today I […]