Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-30

In the last episode we have seen how Rashmi took advantage of Kiran’s absence to make out with her husband. It was risky as Kiran was in the bathroom, while the two made love in the living room. Kiran continued talking to Rashmi from the bathroom, while she was being […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-27

In our last episode, Aarushi was concerned and stressed about her exams which was just a few days ahead. And she was not prepared for writing the exams. Alike most of her other friends she too was seeking help from the rest of her classmates, but they selfishly refused to […]

Desperate Colleague

I have a colleague looks similar to actress Sujithra Murali. Even she is Mallu, her assets are the same as of the actress. In my story, I call her Suji. Just seated next to me, I love her fragrance smell a lot. She is basically from Kottayam married to businessmen. […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-26

Borah had returned back from his official trip, beaming with ideas to blackmail Sowmya with the evidences he had successfully acquired, of her and the two strangers she had been with. But first he wanted to go and meet Mrs. Nair to unwind with the relaxing warmth of her body. […]

Lusty Nurses

After working for several years in my home city, I decided to go outside the northeast and try my luck. So, I applied for a few positions on Naukri, which matched with my profile. Within a couple of days, I got a call from one of those companies. It was […]

Horny School Teacher

The heroine is my school teacher Mrs. Vijaylaxmi. In short, let’s call her ‘Viju’. Aged around 35 at that time, married and had a 6-year-old kid. She was from a pure vegetarian household and dressed up very conservatively. She didn’t show even an inch of her extra flesh. To tell […]

Late Night Office

Everyone knew Latika liked to stay in the office long after everyone else had gone home. Her work ethic was office legend. That’s why Latika wasn’t surprised when Dev walked into her office late one night bearing a steaming cup of coffee. “I’m here to appease you,” Dev said, “seeing […]

Sweet Memory

Maya Varma had her higher education in Bangalore, since her parents were there. She was working in Bangalore and joined our company in September 2005 as the senior administrator in our division. Let me first tell you about her. I can’t forget the first day I met her in our […]

A Teacher’s Story

This happened when I was teaching in the local college at sujanpur. I had my own house at sujanpur and for most of the year; I used to be alone at my home because my parents had gone to stay with my brother abroad. Since I was alone at home, […]

Fucking Office Colleague

I and my colleague were good friends. There was one thing that attracted me towards her was her boobs. She used to compress them very tightly in her bra. I always had a dream of fucking her and pressing and sucking those big boobs. Then one day my dream came […]