Client Interfacing

Varsa is a top business development executive with a renowned company which deals in outsourcing and services. She is young, dynamic, and ruthless in her approach to work and also towards life. Even at 29 she had outgrown a lot of her senior colleagues with her ruthless and result oriented […]

School Teacher

PShriya is my 12th standard crush. She was our lab assistant in the physics lab. It started when she finished her MSc and joined our school to start teaching. Since she was so young and without experience, her job was to help students in the lab. One day as we […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-41

The rest of the day was usual in its own way for the residents of the Sex Apartment. Gautam was at his office, and was very happy from a fulfilling last night with Divya, the lady whom he had met in the train on his way back from Kolkata. And […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-40

Mr. Sharma was lost in thoughts, how 3 years ago Divya had slowly manipulated and seduced him in his own store. He had not been able to forget that fortunate day, when this sexy little slut had walked in to his store for her wedding shopping, and then ended up […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-39

As the sun rose at the east, a new day presented itself with new opportunities. At 7 am, people were busy starting their day, all over the country. At Sex Apartment too, people were slowly rising to a new morning. At the fourth floor, Mrs. Nair was already up, and […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-36

Kiran had her eyes closed. She had come to Dr. Roy to cure her feeling of guilt, she thought it will be difficult to discuss about such stuff with a counselor. But she had never imagined how such a plain visit to the doctor can turn out to be so […]

Flirty Birdie

This is about my colleague in my workplace. Shreya (25 years) was her name, a typical bold hot and flirty girl. She was always bubbling with energy at work and used to provide the much needed ‘cool’ to the eyes to all the males out there. She was open about […]

School Teacher

My Maths teacher at that time was Ms. Anna. She was 24 years old at that time. She had a sexy body of 36-34-36 and a height of 6 feet. She always wore saree, her main attraction was her revealing hip while she was writing in the board. All boys […]

Total Submission

Anamika looked extremely desirable in her formal white shirt and her black skirt as she was loitering on the production floor. Her firm breast straining against her shirt as she arched her back to suppress her yawn. Everything about her body was flawless, her above average height, her pretty long […]

Heartbroken Girl

I happened to meet this girl Nisha, through our office chat. I had some important work with her. She is 3 years elder to me but looks a lot younger because of her height 5’2″ (maybe) and a dimpled smile. I’m 5’10”! So since our office collaboration work was a […]