Hot Lady and the Sexy Model

Here is the thing, you guys, you may not see a hot lady getting fucked on the office desk like those in the porn videos. But if you observe carefully, you will see that every action and reaction from the hot lady in the office is teasing all the dicks […]

HR Manager

Her name is Swapna and she is 27 years old. She has features that look like actress Charmi Kaur. Her boobs are 36C and everyone in the office has a crush on her. I am very close to her due to my work. She trusts me and treats me as […]

Illegal Orgasm Part-1

Mumtaz stood at the entrance of Bay Pride mall, staring into the abyss of the uncountable number of people moving around like ants. She could stop this right now. She could turn around and walk back. But something twitched inside her, a potential soulmate, maybe a man who could satisfy […]

Missing Essence Part-4

Sonali continues her story about the flirt. Madhan was sucking my boobs, and I was doing handjob to Madhan. This continued for some time. Later, Madhan pulled me down from the furniture table and pushed under the table. I was expecting that he will push his dick inside my mouth. […]

Fuck Buddy Part-1

This fantasy is about a woman of 33 years old, unmarried, working in a tech company named Ria. She happens to be my boss. Our meet started when I got promoted to her department. She was a bit strict, and silent nature doesn’t talk much apart from work. She was […]

Love Spanking

I had been working for the company for over two years and enjoyed my job as a secretary. I had lots of chances to meet different people and I enjoyed telling occasional lies for my boss. He was one of the nicest bosses I have ever worked for and I […]

Losing Virginity

As I never use to pay attention in the class, I used to take tuition for my subjects during exams from the same teacher who had taught me in the 12th standard. Her name was Sushmita, a 45-year old, a very average looking mother whose daughter was 1 year younger […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-9

Induja Nair, Mrs. Nair’s young sister-in-law had begun an affair with her colleague Professor Jayant while her husband was busy making money in Gulf. Rashmi, Kiran Chatterjee’s sister and Gautam’s Chatterjee’s illicit sex partner, had traded her body for retaining her job. Her boss Mr. Dutt fucked her whenever he […]

Steamy Sex

Everyone was working at their own pace. My team was all men. It was a bit depressing that there was no sweet voices and giggles to sweeten the atmosphere. But an all-boys group is no sad either. We got along really well and eventually started going out for a couple […]

Teacher and her Family

We used to have a math teacher, Mrs. Saroj. She was 62-years-old at that time. She has big hanging boobs, white complexion, and wrinkles all over here body. She has a little bit of white hair but still looks sexy in her saree. One day when I was sitting on […]