Maid Servant

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-13

Gautam Chatterjee suspected his wife, Kiran, of cheating on him with a neighbor Junaid Khan. Due to this, he was having vile thoughts about the two of them and he could not help but get aroused by these thoughts. Therefore, he sought the help of Baba Sadachari who put him […]

Fucking Maid

I have been living in Bombay for most of my schooling and moved to Chennai for my college. The first few months was very tough as we had to do all the unpacking and shifting our luggage. My mother used to give me and my youger sister chores to do. […]

Cutie Pie

I was temporarily posted in a distant location in east India. Since it was a temporary posting, my wife could not accompany me. I took up an accommodation, and started my hunt for a full time maid. A local shopkeeper referred kusum who actually was not a maid, but due […]

Sexy Maid

I have finished my studies and started my firm. My mom moved to dad’s place as he works abroad. Now, coming to the story. As I told, I had finished my studies and started my firm. With mom gone, I was left alone with no-one to do my daily chores. […]

Screwed my Horny Maid

I live in Chennai formerly known as madras which in southern part of India. I am basically a engineering graduate. Let me come to the story now, this happen while doing my final year of college. We have a servant maid in our house of age 38, But if you […]

My Horny Mistress

My story dates back to my teenage days. Today, I am well settled but it was not always like that. Few years back, our family was passing through a deep financial crisis. My parents decided to send to me to Delhi at my uncle’s place so that I could earn […]

Satisfying Punjaban Married Lady

The story is of the period when I used to study at Punjabi university in Patiala and where I used to stay in Patiala, there was a Punjabi family in my neighborhood that family had one old lady and a son and daughter in law. Son was 27 years and […]

World of Pleasures

The incident which I have written here took place 3 years ago. The heroine of this story and also my sex-guru is my maid Latika. She is of my age, married and, has 1 kid. She is fair and her stats are 36-26-38. She looks damn sexy for a maid. […]