Best Birthday Gift

My family consists of my divorced mom and me, we lived in our 2 BHK house. My mom’s name is Banumathi and she is 48 years old now. She works as a teacher in a private school near our house. She is one of the beautiful women in the world. […]

My Niece gives Heavenly Pleasure

So it all started way back when I was in college and used to visit my cousin brother in Mumbai during my vacations. He lives there with his wife and two of the most amazing daughters (my nieces). As usual, once for my vacation, I went to my cousin’s place […]

Quarantine Sex Part – 2

As it is an immediate continuation, reading the first part may make this more exciting. Happy Reading! Three hours passed since the freakish incident with my sister-in-law, and fortunately for me, everything remained normal. A lot was said, and a lot was indicated, but I did not take any of […]

Lunch Invitation

‘All festivals are good. Celebrating with your loved ones is indeed a joy. But, are the special people we bring home, to share happiness with, really there for the happiness? Or are they inside our homes to feast on a lot more than we want them to have?!’ The plot […]

Goa Vacation

I am 22 years old from Pune, pursuing B.Tech from a reputed organization. This incident happened to me 3 months back. I was vacationing in Goa as the semester holidays were going on. I was invited by my aunt for this trip. It was my aunt Ritu (46), uncle (48), […]

Dream Fulfilled

The Raleigh weather is great in June. I had already passed my online test, and I was going for my driving test with Pallavi bhabi. I wasn’t so concerned about the test ahead but my entire focus was to get a glimpse of Pallavi, my crush. She was not too […]

Seducing my Aunt

It was after my 2nd PUC during my holidays when my aunt had come to my home with her 5 months old baby boy. She came with her husband. He dropped her off and left since she said she would stay here for almost a month. As soon as I […]

The Lovers Part-3

I had the best day (and sex) of my life on my birthday. It’s not even comparable to the days to come. We stopped being as siblings and started to act more like lovers. Going on dates, having lots of sex, all the romantic talks it’s making me love her […]

The Lovers Part-2

After last night, it’s not casual anymore. We are not fooling around playing with ourselves. We both truly love each other. And the fact that Kavi is mad about me is making me feel very special. Picking her up and dropping her. Going on dates with her, shopping with her. […]

The Lover

I woke up when my mom tapped the door and asked us to wake up. I and my sister were completely naked under the covers and thank god, mom didn’t storm inside. My sister Kavi was still sleeping (yeah, she is such a lazy one but she is beautiful and […]