Dream Fulfilled

The Raleigh weather is great in June. I had already passed my online test, and I was going for my driving test with Pallavi bhabi. I wasn’t so concerned about the test ahead but my entire focus was to get a glimpse of Pallavi, my crush. She was not too […]

Seducing my Aunt

It was after my 2nd PUC during my holidays when my aunt had come to my home with her 5 months old baby boy. She came with her husband. He dropped her off and left since she said she would stay here for almost a month. As soon as I […]

The Lovers Part-3

I had the best day (and sex) of my life on my birthday. It’s not even comparable to the days to come. We stopped being as siblings and started to act more like lovers. Going on dates, having lots of sex, all the romantic talks it’s making me love her […]

The Lovers Part-2

After last night, it’s not casual anymore. We are not fooling around playing with ourselves. We both truly love each other. And the fact that Kavi is mad about me is making me feel very special. Picking her up and dropping her. Going on dates with her, shopping with her. […]

The Lover

I woke up when my mom tapped the door and asked us to wake up. I and my sister were completely naked under the covers and thank god, mom didn’t storm inside. My sister Kavi was still sleeping (yeah, she is such a lazy one but she is beautiful and […]

Beyond Expectations

I used to feel very bad about me, so I decided to fuck a girl so that I can stop seeing my family that way. I created a fake fb id and started chatting with many lusty girls day and night. My mother used to scold me for waking late […]

Sexual Desire Fulfilled

I am working in an MNC in Germany since 2016 after completing my MBA. I am 34 years old, married but like most of us here, always looking for adding spices in my sexually boring life. I am a normal-built individual with 5’10” (1.78 m) height and above-average looks. Well, […]

Quarantine Sex

“What happened Bhabhi? Why are you crying like this?” I asked my sister-in-law, Manisha, seeing her sob vehemently. I was sleeping, and I had just woken up hearing her scream and shout. “Kamlesh is stranded in Delhi. I told him so many times not to go. He is stuck there. […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-24

Gautam was very keen for that night, ever since he had been back in his in laws he was looking for opportunities to be with his sexy sister-in-law, Rashmi. However, not wanting to air any suspicion, the two pretended to be the ideal sister-in-law brother-in-law duo, but inside both had […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-20

Gautam was restless, he wanted to talk to someone and seeing the lights on in his sister-in-law’s room, he headed for there. But Rashmi was asleep, unaware that the door to the balcony was open, unaware that Gautam had come through that door and stood awed looking at her flawless […]