Fuck me Daddy

My daughter was just out of school when I got married last summer. I was courting my wife, who was then 36, for almost one-two years. Then she told me about her teenage pregnancy and introduced me to her love child, Lipi. 5 foot 6, with a cheerleader’s figure (33-25-36), […]

Intimate Experiment Part-3

In the last part, you have read how the lady pleasured herself dreaming of her father. How she prepared herself, both mentally and physically, for the inspection. If you haven’t read that part, do read it for the best experience. This part narrates the continuation of that in her words, […]

Intimate Experiment Part-2

After I came out of the trance, I realized what I just had. It was the divine pleasure of being a lady. That feeling was the beginning of my desires. I started thinking about his touch again. I placed my fingers in again, but his fingers felt totally different. I […]

Twin Sex Love

⁰“It was late at night, and my parents weren’t home. Opportunities like these didn’t come very often. So we always tried to make the most out of them. Even now, if I close my eyes, I can feel every movement of our twins love. We were rough. We were energetic. […]

An Intimate Experiment

I just walked inside the cottage casually, throwing my sack away on the floor. I looked for my father in all the walled chambers of my cottage but couldn’t find him. I immediately knew where he would be. I stepped down the passage to the basement. There he was, sitting […]

Wild Sex with Wife’s Cousin

I and my wife had come to Goa for a family wedding on my in-laws’ side. It was a grand affair and at a beachside property. A little about Ridhima, she was my wife’s cousin and stayed abroad and we had never met before. She was 28 years old and […]

Cousin Sister

Hi, my name is Amit, and I am from Bhilai city from Chhattisgarh state. I am 23 years old. I recently finished my B.teck and was now in Bangalore in search of a job. It was my first visit to this glorious city. Back in Bhilai, I was from a […]

Married to my Sister

My family consists of myself and my elder sister Radhika. We belong to one of a rich business family in india. She is 63 years old now, she is fair and looks like a normal Indian girl. She is cute and soft-spoken and homely. She normally wears saree. She worked […]

Cousin Sister

A little bit about myself, I am 5’8” with regular body and 6” cock which is thick enough to satisfy horny girls. This incident happened when I was 21 years old. I was studying in college at that time. My cousin sister Nisha visited us from Bhopal for 10 days […]