My Life Changed

I was feeling relaxed and rejuvenated as the water was pouring down from my head to toe. But the things just happened in the last few hours were running in my head like a movie. Whenever I was closing my eyes, I could see their faces, their dicks, the way […]


A few months passed, life was going on good. I and my friend Mark were staying together in my apartment. Most of the nights my friend’s girlfriend Shreya will be with us. Mark came to know everything about Shreya. Most weekends I and Mark fuck Shreya. She became a complete […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-51

Asst. Professor Joshi took Aarushi to his home. It was not too far away from the college, and Joshi was still heavily pumped up with the prospect of having Aarushi all alone at his home. At first he did not believed when his senior – professor Agnihotri – had told […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-48

Sowmya was still feeling very horny. She had been shooting her first modeling assignment with the campaign team of the pleasurexx condoms. And the first half of the first day of her modeling experience had turned out better than what she had expected. But after that, she had been craving […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-45

Kiran had completely cured her feel of guilt of cheating on her husband, was now back in a new bold avatar. In the last episode, she cheated on her best friend and seduced her husband, Arindam, to spend a night of sick fun. Now that she no longer felt like […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-43

It had been a wonderful start to the week for Borah, Aarushi, and Rahul, so far. But for Sowmya it was still filled with frustration – a lot of frustration. First of all, she was still not getting called for her first modeling assignment as promised by Mr. Shah, the […]

Awesome Threesome

Coming from a rich and affluent family, I have always been into the party culture. Having finished my graduation from a reputed college in Hyderabad, I joined a well-reputed MNC. The day I joined, along with me also joined another girl called Prerna. Though there were 120 people who joined […]

Cuckold Husband’s Fantasy

This story is about a woman whom I met online. She was in her mid-30s. She was an reader and she contacted me through email after reading my story. Her name was Pranita. It started with chatting and later we started sexting during whole nights. One day she told me […]

Awesome Threesome

One of the readers reached out to me after reading my story. He reached out to me first through an email, and then we started chatting online. He introduced himself as Aslam, aged 38, living in Dubai. His wife Faiza was aged 33, and they had 1 kid aged 1 […]

Surprise Visit

With utter chaos and lockdowns across the world and in the city, I am totally confined to my apartment. The only time my skin could absorb some sunlight is when I walk out to my apartment balcony. The only humans that I could see are the old lady in the […]