Fucking Dipti Aunt

This takes place in the summer after the first year of college. I had managed to land a pretty decent internship in Gurgaon. I found a nice studio apartment in one of the nicer South Delhi neighborhoods. As a Bombay kid, the Delhi metro blew me away. On the yellow […]

Unforgettable Ride

It was a cold September morning and I had just finished breakfast when my phone rang. I quickly grabbed it, hoping it was about my job application for the accountant position. But it was my older sister Julie, who lived in Denver. She called to say her kids wanted to […]

True Love

Some girlfriends and I decided to go to Mexico over spring break. I remember all of us being at Lucy’s house, deciding on which resort to choose. We didn’t have much money to spend, but as soon as I saw Oasis Cancun I had a feeling in my gut that […]

BDSM Story

It was 9 pm and I was up for some fun. Some B&D fun. Liza my usual sub had moved on and I hadn’t bothered looking for anyone new. I had a lot of work on and its not that hard to get your dick sucked on holidays. Well anytime […]


To say I prefer to play instead of watching is an understatement but… I met Sam a month back and since then we have been shagging like rabbits. There is not much the way of conversation when we get together. Her mouth is usually wrapped around my cock making it […]

Birthday Sex

My name is Cindy and on June 29th I celebrated my birthday in the most spectacular way. Just writing about it floods my mind with memories as if I’m reliving the experience. After taking a shower I went into my room to dress but first I stood in front of […]

A Love and Sex Story

I sat by the front door of my apartment with my winter jacket and boots on, the TV was playing but I couldn’t pay attention to what was on the screen. Chris and I had just started dating, and he said he had planned something special to celebrate our first […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-15

THEN: Induja Nair was Mrs. Nair’s newly married sister-in-law whose husband worked in GULF. To satisfy her growing sexual needs, she began an affair with a colleague Prof Jayant who failed to do so. Aamir was an eighteen-year-old boy who was smitten by Induja. He had even started taking tuitions […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-14

THEN: Induja Nair was a beautiful Malayali woman in her late twenties who was married to Mrs. Nair’s younger brother. Her husband Ajay worked in Gulf hence she was an unsatisfied housewife until she decided to cheat on her husband by sleeping with her colleague Prof Jayant, a man in […]