Losing Virginity Part-2

The college began, and I got extremely busy tackling and experiencing all the new things it threw at me. I still thought of Dipti aunty nearly every single day. I jerked off an uncountable number of times, thinking back to how I lost my virginity to her. I was still […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-4

A certain Baba Sadachari has come to help people cleanse their body and souls off sexual desires and impurity; invited by Mrs. Nair, he lived in a neighbouring society. Meanwhile, the other residents of Sex Apartment were busy copulating, like Gautam who was continuing an affair with his own sister […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-3

While Gautam and Rashmi were busy making out behind Kiran’s back, Kiran too had found a new fuck friend. An elderly man called Mr. Khan. Irfan was waiting for a chance to take Seema’s virginity after their intimate moment in Sex Apartment and a colleague Prof Jayant had asked Induja […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-2

“A caretaker? That’s just a polite way of referring to a common maid!” blustered Gautam. Gautam and Kiran Chatterjee were having breakfast in the kitchen when Kiran broke the news about Junaid’s offer.The widower in his late forties wanted someone to take care of his 75-year-old father Mr. Khan. Junaid […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-1

The air was chilly and the atmosphere dreamy, as it rained incessantly outside. Monsoon had arrived on time and the residents of Sex Apartment did nothing but stay indoors and enjoy the feeling of togetherness. It had been far too long since the unfortunate events of Sowmya’s party had unfolded. […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-57

Everyone in Sex Apartment was getting ready for the party that evening in celebration of Sowmya’s modelling success. Although they didn’t know what exactly she was doing, but everyone, including her mother and sister, were happy for her. While people were getting ready for the party, Gautam was hurrying out […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-56

We saw in the previous episode how Anita found out about Kiran and Reddy’s renewed affair and how he and Borah were blackmailing Sowmya. How she helped Sowmya by revealing their actions and how the two of them found sexual solace in each other before planning to destroy the three […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-55

It was past midnight when a lady in a night dress could be seen sneaking off from her home to another. Anita tip-toed to the door of Reddy and Borah’s apartment knowing her husband wouldn’t wake up as they just had a quickie which generally was too much for the […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-54

Kiran was back, and while the entire house was away at a picnic spot – celebrating the first anniversary, she messaged Reddy to meet her even before her husband could. Reddy too, not wanting to waste that opportunity had gone back immediately and the two had spent the day in […]

Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-53

All the housemates had gone out for a picnic – all except Kiran. It was Mrs. Nair’s idea to mark the one year completion in the Sex Apartment by celebrating with a picnic. They had chosen a nice spot just outside the town, and Mrs. Nair had herself convinced everyone […]