Valentine’s Day Movie Changed Romantic Views – Part 2

After the movie interval. So, here is the second part of the story, which happened after the interval. You can read the first part from the link on top of this story. I looked around to see if there were any known faces. I did not see anyone known and then I relaxed. A few […]

Tit for Tat Treatment

One evening, I was returning home from the gym. All the way, I caught men staring at my jiggling boobs and ass in tight clothes. I was enjoying the attention given to me by pervert men, especially husbands walking with their (jealous!) wife. The security guard held the lift door for me and greeted me […]

Valentine’s Day Movie changed Romantic Views Part-1

Here is my new story narrated to me by my fan. I am keeping the real names so that it feels authentic. I am Veena, 18 years old and studying in the 12th standard. Like many teenagers of my age, I was happy and contented with life. I have a fair complexion, large expressive eyes, […]

Fucking Dr in her Clinic

Sorry for the delay. Now that I am back, let’s continue with the story of a married Indian girl Dr. Pallavi. I always say the stories posted here may be real or fake, it’s up to the readers to decide. Let’s begin from where I stopped last time. I was on my way back home […]

Adult Truth or Dare

Let’s get into the story. So, two of my friends who are the same age as me and I decided to go out on a trip to Ooty. This happened after all kinds of lockdowns were over. My friends’ names are Sanjeev and Madhumitha, and they are a couple. Sanjeev got the car from his […]

Fuck me Daddy

My daughter was just out of school when I got married last summer. I was courting my wife, who was then 36, for almost one-two years. Then she told me about her teenage pregnancy and introduced me to her love child, Lipi. 5 foot 6, with a cheerleader’s figure (33-25-36), pale olive skin, brown eyes, […]

Intimate Experiment Part-3

In the last part, you have read how the lady pleasured herself dreaming of her father. How she prepared herself, both mentally and physically, for the inspection. If you haven’t read that part, do read it for the best experience. This part narrates the continuation of that in her words, about the touch of the […]

Sex Lessons

Raj was looking for a new place to stay. It became hard for him to search for a place as he is a bachelor. His office colleagues suggested a place where a family of the mother (Anjali) and daughter (Keerthana) stays. Keerthana is a 19 years old traditional, orthodox, Brahmin girl, whose father was very […]

Hot Lady and the Sexy Model

Here is the thing, you guys, you may not see a hot lady getting fucked on the office desk like those in the porn videos. But if you observe carefully, you will see that every action and reaction from the hot lady in the office is teasing all the dicks that are aroused in her […]

Sex with a bride on her wedding night

It was August of 2019. I had no time to even change flats. Now my ex-roommate knew I fucked his girlfriend and was furious at me. So I decided to take a project in New Delhi. I needed to change my environment as I was also scared of what he would do to me. I […]


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