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Hi there! I’m A, and I want you to know this: Reading books makes us happier & healthier, but most of us have forgotten how to indulge in cozy reading time though; they haven’t forgotten the art of indulgence.

My Curvy Friend

I am Vimal and I am 22 years old. This is about how I had sex with my closest friend Sreenidhi. She had a fair complexion, nice curvy body, 32 B-cup boobs and a bubble butt which gives off small jiggles when she walks. I’ve always fantasized about sucking those […]

Tinder Date

One lucky day I got a match on the Tinder app where we started texting. After a few hours of conversation, we shared our Instagram IDs. Then after a few days, we shared our numbers. Then we used to talk on calls. One day our conversation went from good talks […]

Interest Payment Part-2

I stripped my jeans in front of them near the dining table and stood there, only wearing my red panty. I now had a sinking feeling in my stomach. These 4 lecherous men are going to use me as per their will for the next 48 hours in my house. […]

Lustful Rendezvous Part-1

The Beginning And The Initiation Hello all, this is a purely personal story, and for the first time on this site. I have been reading here for a long time. And so, I have decided to give it a try by myself. My story – I will try to make […]

Delivery Boy got Lucky

It was a winter night. At around 11:30 pm and after a busy day at work, I was relaxing at my place. I started feeling very horny! My boyfriend was out of town and I didn’t find any source to quench my sex thirst. Anyways, I was hungry too and […]

Wild Sex with Wife’s Cousin

I and my wife had come to Goa for a family wedding on my in-laws’ side. It was a grand affair and at a beachside property. A little about Ridhima, she was my wife’s cousin and stayed abroad and we had never met before. She was 28 years old and […]

Stranger in Panel Shop

Natasha was taking the full force I could dish out. I held her legs tight together as my cock spread her greedy cock hungry hole. Again and again I pounded into her, watching her roll her head around the table where 5 of the guys sit each day to eat their food. I bet nothing ever tasted as good as she did on here.

Hardcore Sex

He positioned her wrists next to a leg of the table and tied her there. He had nailed his coffee table down for this exact reason. Taking a knife from the top of the table, he gently sliced down the front of her outfit. He gave her pussy a good lick. She always tasted sweet.

Life & Sex

Her bra was white satin and pushed her breasts into a fantastic cleavage. She reached behind her back, unfastened the clasp and covered her breasts with her arm as she slid the bra off. Then slowly, tantalizingly slowly, she dropped her arm away to reveal her beautiful pert breasts. Fondling her breasts and licking her lips, she dropped to her knees.

Cheating Wife

I bit her nipples harder than before taking care not to leave marks, and smacked her pussy repeatedly until she wiggled with pleasure, cumming in a wave of ecstasy and delight in one combined motion. I rubbed her clit until the wave ran out. Her eyes looked at me full of want.