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Hi there! I’m A, and I want you to know this: Reading books makes us happier & healthier, but most of us have forgotten how to indulge in cozy reading time though; they haven’t forgotten the art of indulgence.


To say I prefer to play instead of watching is an understatement but… I met Sam a month back and since then we have been shagging like rabbits. There is not much the way of conversation when we get together. Her mouth is usually wrapped around my cock making it […]

Prom Night

It’s every girl’s dream to have a date for the prom and to possibly lose their virginity before going to college. It was only one day until her prom and 18 year-old Jasmine didn’t have a date. Her efforts to make Chris, the school football captain, notice her had all […]

Birthday Sex

My name is Cindy and on June 29th I celebrated my birthday in the most spectacular way. Just writing about it floods my mind with memories as if I’m reliving the experience. After taking a shower I went into my room to dress but first I stood in front of […]

Love Spanking

I had been working for the company for over two years and enjoyed my job as a secretary. I had lots of chances to meet different people and I enjoyed telling occasional lies for my boss. He was one of the nicest bosses I have ever worked for and I […]

A Love and Sex Story

I sat by the front door of my apartment with my winter jacket and boots on, the TV was playing but I couldn’t pay attention to what was on the screen. Chris and I had just started dating, and he said he had planned something special to celebrate our first […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-16

THEN: Seema’s scholarship got rejected rendering her with no source to pay her college fees. Mr. Singh stumbled upon the footage of Seema and Irfan making out in his restaurant. However, instead of firing her, he makes her an offer. He asks her to join his friend’s brothel for the […]

Pleasure from my Beauty Therapist

She is around 40 I guess and immaculately groomed. She has a meticulously made up face with perfect red lipstick to match her nail polish. A severe black bob frames her angular features and makes her green eyes stand out. Her crisply ironed, white beautician’s uniform shows off her slender […]

Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-15

THEN: Induja Nair was Mrs. Nair’s newly married sister-in-law whose husband worked in GULF. To satisfy her growing sexual needs, she began an affair with a colleague Prof Jayant who failed to do so. Aamir was an eighteen-year-old boy who was smitten by Induja. He had even started taking tuitions […]