Valentine’s Day Movie Changed Romantic Views – Part 2

After the movie interval.

So, here is the second part of the story, which happened after the interval. You can read the first part from the link on top of this story.

I looked around to see if there were any known faces. I did not see anyone known and then I relaxed. A few guys who were seated below, in the stalls, went out from the lower exit door.

My physical training teacher asked me if I wanted to go to the washroom. I said, “No,” I didn’t want to meet anyone known.

Then, Sir asked me, “What would you like to eat?”

“No, I don’t want anything,” I said.

He left and went outside. I was sitting and watching the advertisements on the big screen. There was a feeling of fullness in my breasts and just thinking of what had happened, gave me an erotic feeling.

After 15 minutes, the lights dimmed again. Sir had bought some steaming samosas and a large cone ice-cream with chocolate topping. Actually, I was quite hungry and relished the samosas.

He fed me his share of the samosa. I felt like we were lovers. He had bought only one ice-cream, which was for me. I felt guilty eating it alone and gave him a lick.

He put his arm around me again. He caressed my back and directed me forward in my seat. I understood what he wanted. Once again he lifted my top from the back and unclasped my bra, freeing my juicy melons.

I was merrily licking on the ice-cream as my horny teacher was playing with my boobs and tweaking my nipples. It was a heavenly feeling! The body circuit got connected between my boobs and my pussy.

As my PT sir massaged and played with my boobs, the juices began flowing in my pussy again. I wonder what this connection was! Our botany teacher had not told us about this marvel of life.

I started getting wet again. This time, we were not really watching the movie. I would take a chunk of ice-cream in my mouth and my teacher would suck it from my mouth. We would keep exchanging the nuts after mashing it in our mouths that I found in the ice-cream.

Then he removed his cock once again and I could see its massive structure in the dim light. It looked even bigger after the interval. He then took the cone ice-cream from me and applied the chocolate to his cock.

He pointed to it and licked his lips. I understood what he wanted me to do. I, this time without hesitation, bent down and began licking the chocolate topping.

The cold sensation somehow made my teacher’s cock tasty. I was licking from the base to the tip with a long swirling motion. Some chocolate dripped onto his balls. I caught his balls with my hands and sucked them. He was moaning. I felt like a queen.

It was the first time that I had sucked balls, but seeing his excited reaction, I was energized and pepped up. What a happy ending to the ice-cream! I licked my lips.

Then my teacher did something shocking. In one quick motion, he bent down on his knees and crawled between my legs. He was sitting on the thick carpet which was on the floor.

He put his head between my thighs with my feet on either side of him. Then he put his hands under my skirt and got hold of my black, nylon panty from the hips. He then began to pull it down.

Since I was sitting, it was not easy for him to take it down. But I was worried that he would tear it so I slightly lifted my bum. It was all he needed.

Before I knew it, my teacher had pulled down my panty and removed it from my legs. He took the panty and put it into his pant pocket. I was now nude below the skirt.

I had told you earlier that I rarely wore skirts, but that day I had worn one and you can imagine how lucky I felt that my nudity was hidden. He then pulled me in front to the edge of the seat.

Since these were reclining seats, my head and back were resting on the back cushion, while my legs and pussy were at the edge of the seat. This gave him the ideal position to lift my skirt and put it over his head.

His head was now covered with my skirt and was in between my thighs. I could feel his warm tongue on my pussy. This was an unbelievable sensation. Though I had given my BF blowjobs, he had never licked my vagina.

Honestly, I did not even know the pleasure that a girl can get when her pussy lips are parted and the juice is sucked from the depths of the deep crevice, between her pussy lips.

But more was to come. Sir parted my cunt lips and began licking and gently pulling my clitoris with his lips. I had often admired my pussy in the mirror in the privacy of my bedroom.

Let me describe my pussy to you all. There was sparse hair growth in my pubic area. I had seen in porn that some girls have a thick black bush and feel the need to shave it often especially if their partners were giving them cunnilingus.

I had no such problems and now was actually happy that I had few hairs there so that Sir, can give me a nice warm lick. I began moaning. The pleasure was so intense.

My teacher put out his hand and kept it on my face and lips to stop me from moaning loudly. I have a very sensitive clitoris which I sometimes pulled when I was masturbating.

My clitoris was like a mini penis and used to swell whenever I pulled it out. It had now swollen and I was getting spasms of pleasure. My juices were flowing uncontrollably and I was feeling like peeing.

The PT sir was doing magic with his tongue. He was stiffening his tongue and then brushing the clitoris from the bottom to the tip. Then he would put his face deeper and suck my clitoris into his mouth.

The feeling was unbearable. At one time, I even screamed! One guy turned back to look at me, but I was sure that he could not see what was happening under my skirt and between my moist pussy lips.

I bit my teacher’s finger that was on my lips. Then I could not control any longer and squirted all my juice onto Sir’s face. I had orgasmed for the first time in my life.

I was ashamed but delighted too. They say that when a girl gets her first orgasm, she dies for a moment with pleasure. That was what happened to me!

Sir was swallowing every drop of my nectar. Just like when a man cums, he wants to stop. So also, it is with a woman. Once a woman orgasms, she wants a break.

I pushed Sir’s face away and lovingly pulled him up and gestured to his seat so that he sits down. But he was not finished yet. That was clearly visible from the sight of his throbbing cock.

He gestured for me to stand up and come and sit on his lap. I was a bit hesitant but was also lusting for his thick massive cock in my pussy. I was afraid that it would tear my tight pussy.

I was nervous. I had sat on my BF’s cock sometimes, but that was like a bhindi (lady’s finger vegetable). This was like a Kerala banana, huge and massive.

I looked down the cinema hall to see if anyone was looking. It seemed all were engrossed in watching the adult movie on the screen and possibly masturbating.

I got up and kept my feet on either side of my teacher’s lap and gently grasped his throbbing cock and brought it to the entrance of my vagina. Sir kept his hand on my mouth.

He was aware that this was the first time I would be experiencing such a big, thick cock. And just as he had thought, when I sat on his cock and a part of it went in, I screamed with the pain.

Though my cunt was oozing and well lubricated, the pain was unbearable. I wanted to rise, but with one hand he had held me tightly around my thin waist and I could not get up.

Then, after a few minutes, my cunt walls expanded and I got used to the feel of his fat cock in my cunt. He then took both his hands and placed them under my ass-cheeks and pulled them apart so that I would be able to accommodate more of his red hot cock.

Gently, my PT sir began to raise my bum and then pull me down. Again, I felt like a queen who was in control. In this position, he could not make any movements and I was riding his cock.

Though it was painful, it was as good a feeling as when he was sucking my clitoris.

We were in this position for some time. Then he asked me to turn around. I first wondered how I could do that!!

Then he asked me to stand up. The cock came out with some reluctance from my baking oven with a splosh sound. Then I turned around to face him.

I held his neck and he began kissing me. Slowly, he directed his cock once again into my pussy which was awaiting his entry. My pussy had become friends with his cock and now recognized him as a friend.

This time there was less pain. Maybe it was the position (missionary) where the cunt is better equipped to hold the cock. As we continued kissing, he was lifting by bums with both his hands and goading me to ride on his cock.

I haven’t done horse riding in my life, but I think this sensation and movements were the same. Up and down and sometimes sideways. Both of us could not see the screen!

I had my back to the screen and Sir. Because I was sitting on him, he could only see my face and my boobs. But both of us did not mind this. It was heavenly bliss and the experience of a lifetime.

Then suddenly I felt my PT sir’s cock jerk in my pussy. He hurriedly pushed me up and made me get up. I did and moved a bit back and sat on the back-rest of the chair in front.

Sir had a condom in his shirt pocket. He tore the pouch and removed the condom and put it over his cock. He then told me to sit down on his cock again.

What a gentleman! I love you, Sir. He had made preparations in advance. My earlier BF was only interested in fucking and not thinking about the consequences of cumming in a woman’s pussy. Sir was so considerate.

We then kissed, had more sex play, and finally, he could not control any longer, and neither could I. He had been for more than half an hour in my pussy though. He really had stamina. I had orgasmed twice earlier.

He pulled out his cock and the condom. Believe me, it was half full of his semen. He knotted it and put it in his bag. He did not throw it under the seat. I love you, Sir.

Then we were both exhausted. I went back to my seat and combed my hair and smoothed down my dress. I asked him for my panties. He said, “I will keep that as a memento.”

I was shy but happy. Soon the movie ended.

We got up to leave. I thought that he would leave before me, but no..he held my hand and we left the place as lovers, holding hands.

The next day, I happily went to college. There was a smile on my face. My BF Raj was looking at me and was wondering why I was looking so happy. Little did he know that what he could never fill was filled by my PT sir. I kept smiling.

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