Valentine’s Day Movie changed Romantic Views Part-1

Here is my new story narrated to me by my fan. I am keeping the real names so that it feels authentic.

I am Veena, 18 years old and studying in the 12th standard. Like many teenagers of my age, I was happy and contented with life.

I have a fair complexion, large expressive eyes, long hair that reached up to my waist. Most of my girl-friends found me pretty and many boys used to eye my assets, especially my 34B boobs.

My stats are 34B-28-34. I had a boyfriend, who was a hero of our class. Many of my classmates were envious of me, for having such a handsome boyfriend.

He was tall and had a good physique. There were some jealous girls too, who used to call me, “show-off,” behind my back. I used to not pay them much attention as I was in love with my boyfriend.

We were having an affair for almost 6 months. But this incident that I am going to narrate today happened a year ago on Valentine’s day. It changed my life. It was a day that I strangely spent with someone who was not by BF.

My BF Raj, and I even had sex a couple of times. Now, I know that the sex with him was not that great, but at that time I used to think my BF is the best.

But later I came to know that my boyfriend was only interested in fucking me and having his pleasure but did not have any love for me. Many of you girls will understand my position. We give our bodies to our partners hoping that they will give us love in return.

Today, I shall tell you what happened on Valentine’s day, last year. A few days before that, I saw my boyfriend kissing another girl in the college compound after college hours.

I naturally was very angry and asked him about it. He got very upset and started shouting at me. He then told me that he was breaking up with me and that he was not really in love with me.

He even confessed that he was my friend as he was only interested in fucking me. He even insinuated that I was also interested in fucking, which was not true.

I really was in love with him. Though I enjoyed the sex, (and which young girl wouldn’t?) I was in love and had even foolishly thought that I would be marrying him. But my honest love and devotion saved me from falling for that scoundrel.

However, my world was shattered that day and I cried that whole night. It was a Saturday. I thought that he will call me up and say he was sorry, but he never did. I had even thought that the world is cruel and not a nice place to live.

Now, since my BF and I were in the same class, I was worried that I would have to face him again on the coming Monday and see his dirty face again. Our classes start at 10 AM.

So, that day I set out to go to college with a sad and swollen face (I had been crying that night), but when I reached the gate, I decided to bunk college.

I turned around and thought that I will pass the time in a nearby movie theatre, which was at a short distance from our college. When I reached the theatre, there were no known faces and hardly anyone there. I saw that there was a morning show at 10:30.

I did not even bother to see the movie name, as all I wanted was to stay away from meeting my BF. I went to the booking counter. The clerk asked me, “Tum akeli ho?” (Are you alone)?

I told him that my friend will come later and buy his ticket, which was a lie. I bought a balcony seat ticket so that there will be less crowding as compared to the stalls below.

I was sad that I would be all alone. When I entered the movie hall, the usher told me to sit anywhere as it was empty as it was a morning matinee show.

So I went right to the back and there were 2 seats (for lovers I presume. What an irony that I had no lover with me that day) near the rear wall. I sat on the inner seat, knowing that no one will sit in the adjacent seat.

I made myself comfortable. That day I was wearing a top and a skirt, up to my knees. I had tied my hair in a ponytail. Normally, I wear leggings but that day I was depressed due to my break-up and so did not wear any fashionable dress, but just a plain chiffon top and a loose cotton skirt.

Who would have thought that wearing a skirt would help what happened later that day?

I settled myself in the posh seats which had some angle of recline where you could lean back in them.

I glanced around and there was no one for at least 10 rows. When I looked further down, I saw that there were hardly a handful of people around. I looked to see if there were any couples, but I saw only a few unknown college boys.

I later came to know why there were only men and no women watching the movie. But at that time I did not think too much of it. After the advertisements, the lights were turned off and it became quite dark. I was happy that no one will recognize me there in the dark.

Then the name of the movie appeared. “Badi Behen Naukar Se aur Choti Behen Padosi Se.” Oh my God. It was an adult masala movie! I was feeling really embarrassed and was not in any mood to see a sex movie. But worse was to come. They say when you are unlucky, disasters come in heaps.

Suddenly, I saw our PT (Physical Trainer) teacher enter. His name was Kishore, and we students would call him ‘Kishore Sir’. For this story, I shall call him ‘Sir’.

I tried to hide my face. But he looked up and leisurely walked up to the top. I could not believe my eyes. My heart was beating hard against my chest.

He came and sat in the seat by my side. Later, I came to know that he had seen me at the college gate and noticed that I had turned around, so he was curious to see where I was going.

He was following me from college. I tried to stand up and leave, but he caught my hand and told me to sit down. I was frightened and sat down again.

I asked him, “Sir, will you complain about me?” He gently caught my cheek and pinched it lightly. Now let me tell you about my PT Sir. He was about 30 years old and was married.

Since he was a PT Sir, he had a very good physique with biceps. While he was strict with all the other girls and boys and pulled their ears when he was angry, he was always gentle with me.

He used to often pull my cheeks affectionately. I used to think he was being playful with me. Many of my girlfriends used to tell me that he has an eye for me and if he gets a chance he will fuck me.

I already had a boyfriend so I did not pay much attention to them. But being my Sir and a well-built male with a good body, I was attracted to him in a respectful way.

Many of you girls, will understand what I mean as many girls secretly love their male teachers and want to impress them. I also wanted to be in his good books so I often smiled at him, but there was nothing more in my mind.

After some time of the movie, he slowly and gently put his arm around me and strangely I felt comforted. Since this was immediately after my breakup, it felt nice to have a male’s, comforting arm around me.

We were both watching the movie intently. To tell you the truth, I had never seen an adult Hindi movie before and the scene of a young teenage girl being held tightly by the man-servant was creating a tingling sensation between my legs.

Then Sir began stroking my cheeks with the tips of his fingers. He caught my lips with two of his extended fingers and pulled my lips. I was feeling a funny sensation.

Suddenly on the screen, there was a scene where the adult male servant began passionately kissing the young girl. In unison with the scene, Sir caught my face with both his hands and kissed me hard on the lips.

I tried to turn away to avoid his kiss, but he was strong. He used his tongue to open my mouth and put his tongue inside my mouth. I had kissed my boyfriend before, but this was different.

It was rough and intense. His touch was warm and rough on my smooth, soft skin. I began to shiver a bit. Maybe it was fear, maybe it was erotic excitement.

A kiss they say is the beginning of things to come and slowly I gave in. My teacher told me to put out my tongue and began to suck it. Our kiss lasted for quite some time.

It ended coincidentally with the kiss that the servant was giving the young girl on the movie screen. He too was holding her tight and roughly kissing her.

I was panting for breath. I had never been kissed so passionately before. This had set my body on fire. Then he again sat with his arm around me.

I was thinking that it was only a kiss and it would stop there. But with his fingers, my teacher began toughing my boobs from outside my top.

Though I was least prepared for this, the scenes in the adult movie and the presence of my favourite Sir by my side was sending a tingling sensation in my nipples and between my legs.

I tried to cross my legs and hold my feet together to stop the wetness that even I could feel in my panty between my legs. I was feeling shy and embarrassed.

Then my teacher put his hand in my top easily, as the top had a loose round neck and gave him easy access. His hand reached my bra and rested there.

I was wearing a black nylon bra, which fitted my boobs snugly. He was using his fingertips to circle around the nipples, over my bra, which began to respond.

I must tell you all, that I have very sensitive nipples and just touching them brings them to life. My nipples became triple in size and were now like juicy grapes waiting to be sucked.

I was still thinking (rather innocently and foolishly) that Sir would stop there. But when a man has tasted success, he never stops. His hand had now snaked its way to the inside of my bra and was cupping the whole boob.

I tried to hold his forearm which was resting on my shoulder. But it was a futile exercise. His palms were big and he was able to hold my full boobs in his hand.

I had heard that a man with long hands has a big cock. The thought embarrassed me. I looked at my teacher’s face. He was intently watching the movie.

I too pretended to be watching the movie, but my mind was elsewhere, wondering what would happen next. I did not have long to wait. He opened two of his fingers like a scissor and held my nipples in a scissor-like grip as his palm still encircled my boobs.

My teacher then gently began using his fingers to pull my nipple. For a moment I thought of my cruel BF, who pressed my boobs like a horn which was very painful.

Guys, please understand that we don’t like pain and want our partners to be gentle and considerate. Here was my physical trainer teacher, so gentle and affectionate.

(I have read so many stories here, where the guys are squeezing their partner’s boobs. This is not pleasurable for us. What we like is to be cuddled and our boobs caressed. The only time we may like slight pain is when we are orgasming and like to be fucked hard.)

Sir then told me to bend a little so that he could lift my top from the back. I was hesitant, but I obeyed. He quickly lifted the backside of my loose top and in a jiffy unhooked my bra.

He was an expert, it seemed. Though I was taken aback, my boobs became free. That was a relief, as with my teacher’s hands palming my boobs in the bra it was not very comfortable.

Now he had complete and free access to both my boobs and nipples. He expertly and gently began manipulating and massaging them. I could feel my boobs and nipples getting swollen and wondered how much bigger they would become.

The tingling in my pussy was now unbearable and the wetness had become a stream. Then, all of a sudden, he withdrew his hand. I was wondering, what next?

I did not have long to wait. He unzipped his pants. I pretended to watch the screen. In the corner of my eye, I was watching him. Oh my God, he took out his cock.

I could not believe what I was seeing. My teacher’s cock was massive. It was as big as his forearm. Ok, I am exaggerating, but it looked like that to me. It must have been at least 7 inches long and 3 inches in girth.

The pink cock-head was glowing in the dark. It looked like a mushroom. My BF’s cock was just 5 inches and the width may have been 1.5 inches. It used to look like a swollen finger to me. A woman cannot resist touching a cock when she is excited. This was my state too.

My left hand was on the armrest between us. He suddenly caught my hand and took it and put it on his cock. It was like an electric shock. I tried to pull my hand away, but he had caught it firmly and kept it there.

For a few seconds, I was in shock and did not do anything. I could feel my teacher’s cock twitching and pulsate under my hand. With my hand under his, he began to rub my hand on his cock.

I could sense his cock growing even bigger. I was a little tense wondering how much bigger it would become. The tingling in my pussy was growing.

I had lost all power to think and like all men who think with their cocks, I too began thinking with my wet pussy instead of my head. I began stroking his cock, now on my own, without his assistance.

He withdrew his hand and again used his right hand to massage my boobs. His foreskin was completely pulled back, giving his cock-head a unique shape.

I had now gripped his cock with my fingers and palm but noticed that I could not hold it in my grip. It was so thick and swollen. I could even feel the thick veins of his dick on my palm.

Now, my mind was concentrating on the cock in my hand, even though my head and eyes were looking at the screen. He then lifted the arm-rest between us (which was like the arm-rest in aircraft seats) and pulled me towards him.

My left hand was on his cock, his right hand was on my boob, and he started kissing me again. This time I was excited too and passionately kissed him back.

We exchanged lots of salivae which were dripping from our mouths onto our chins. I even sucked his tongue as deeply as I could. Then he broke the kiss and pushed my face onto his cock.

I had given my BF blowjobs earlier, so I was not that innocent. But this was a massive tool. How would I ever be able to take it in my mouth? I was now resting on his thighs and used my tongue to kiss the tip of his cock.

But he caught his cock and forced it into my mouth. As his hand was in my hair and pressing my head down, I could do nothing. I felt his cock touching my throat.

I began to gag. I could not breathe. I gripped his thigh as tight as I could. Luckily he understood my predicament and removed his hand from my head. I lifted my head.

There were tears in my eyes. He noticed them and wiped them off my cheeks. He then kissed my eyes and cheeks gently. I felt like a queen. He looked at his watch and told me that it will be the INTERVAL soon.

He pushed his cock (with some difficulty) back into his trousers. I hooked my bra, combed my hair, smoothed down my top, and sat back.

Then the hall lights came on. It was the interval.


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