Adult Truth or Dare

Let’s get into the story. So, two of my friends who are the same age as me and I decided to go out on a trip to Ooty. This happened after all kinds of lockdowns were over. My friends’ names are Sanjeev and Madhumitha, and they are a couple.

Sanjeev got the car from his dad. He picked up his girlfriend Madhu and me on his way. We had made all the arrangements, like booking the room and all. We started at Vellore at 9 am in the morning and reached the hotel at 5 pm in the evening.

We were so tired by the time we reached and decided to take a rest for a while. My friend and his girlfriend stayed in a room, and I stayed in a separate room. At night we had dinner and ordered some booze. After some time, all of us were pretty drunk. We decided to play ‘Truth or Dare’ and enjoy the night.

Me: You guys know the rules. I would spin the bottle first.

Sanjeev and Madhumitha: Ya okay.

I spun the bottle, and it pointed towards Sanjeev. He chose ‘Truth.’

Me: So, what is your favorite sex position?

Sanjeev: It’s a tough question. But I like missionary most.

Madhumitha laughs. The bottle points towards Madhumitha, and she also chose the same.

Sanjeev: What is the color of your panty?

Madhumitha: Well, it’s black, my favorite color.

About Madhumitha, she is fair with 34b boobs, a big jiggly ass anyone would die for. She has a great body. The bottle again pointed towards Madhumitha, and she chose ‘Dare’ now. Sanjeev immediately said.

Sanjeev: I dare you to kiss Tarun.

Madhumitha and I were shocked. I knew Sanjeev and Madhumitha have a threesome fantasy as he told me this before. Madhumitha hesitated at first, but she said, “Fuck it,” and came near me. We were on our knees and started to kiss slowly.

She had very soft and juicy lips. I know Sanjeev is enjoying watching his girlfriend kiss his friend. Our kiss became intense, and we started to exchange saliva. We were exploring each other’s mouths in no time. I was running my cold fingers on her back.

She closed her eyes and started to enjoy the moment. I bit her lower lip and pulled it, and again started to kiss her. I moved down and started to kiss her neck. Sanjeev got on his knees too and started to kiss her cheeks. I was kissing her neck and started to lick her cleavage.

We broke the kiss. Sanjeev removed Madhumitha’s t-shirt, and we all moved to the bedroom. Sanjeev started to eat her boobs over her bra. I lifted her legs and removed her shorts. She was wearing a black panty which was a little wet. Madhumitha was lying on the bed and enjoying all this.

I started to kiss her thighs and was rubbing her pussy over her panty slowly. I wanted to seduce her more. Sanjeev removed her bra and started to eat her boobs. I was kissing her thighs and moved to her pussy and kissed the sides of her pussy, and her moaning became loud.

I removed her panty and put her legs over my shoulders. I can feel the aroma of her sweet pussy. It was so good, and she had a shaven pinkish pussy, which was all wet. I started to eat her by kissing her pussy and sucking her pussy lips. I spread her pussy lips and put my tongue deep in her pussy.

I was pressing her ass cheeks. Sanjeev removed his pants, and Madhumitha started to give him a blowjob. He held her head as she was taking all of his dick in her mouth. I started to rub the top of her pussy while eating her. She was overwhelmed and excited by all this.

She was moaning slowly while giving a blowjob. I was eating her like a hungry animal by sucking all her juices out and running my tongue all over her wet pussy, and going in a circular motion. After some time, Sanjeev started to put his dick between her beautiful big tits and started a tit fuck on her.

He was quite drunk already. Sanjeev has a dick of 5 inches. All I can hear was Madhumitha moaning about all the crazy things we are doing to her body. I decided to finger her wet pussy. I started to push my middle finger inside her pussy as I pressed her ass cheek with the other hand.

I pushed it slowly and start to finger her. All of a sudden, I pushed in another finger and slapped her ass hard. I started to lick the juices flowing out of her pussy. I ran my tongue between her pussy and asshole.

I was so tempted to taste her gorgeous asshole. It was looking damn good, in slight brown color and inviting was me to eat it (I am a fan of ass by the way).

Sanjeev was done with the tit fuck and wanted to fuck her. But I said, “Wait a minute. I want her to cum for me.” I started to finger her pussy deeper and harder. She held my head and was pushing it towards her pussy. Sanjeev was sitting on the bed and enjoying this sight by slowly stroking his dick.

While fingering her, I started to press her boobs and pull and pinch her nipple. My other hand was slapping her ass hard. Her legs started to shake, and I knew she was about to cum. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open. The expressions on her face were so beautiful.

She released all her juices into my mouth with a huge moan. After cumming all over my face, she just laid there on the bed with an exhausted look on her face while I was licking her juices. Sanjeev said, “She never came for me like that.” Madhumitha replied, “His mouth is magic.”

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