Fuck me Daddy

My daughter was just out of school when I got married last summer. I was courting my wife, who was then 36, for almost one-two years. Then she told me about her teenage pregnancy and introduced me to her love child, Lipi.

5 foot 6, with a cheerleader’s figure (33-25-36), pale olive skin, brown eyes, and waist-length dark raven hair (from her Indian mother), Lipi is pure eye candy.

I’m A, turned 34 this year, 6 foot with flat abs and a lean body due to playing indoor soccer every evening. I could pass off as a student, and they still check my ID at the off-license shop. I was lucky enough to have a mature beauty as my bride when my wife introduced me to Lipi.

One look at the young temptress sent my male hormones haywire, stirring my deepest, darkest desires. I was smitten by her natural beauty, to say the least. Drooling with lust from inside, I tried to keep a straight face in front of young Lipi.

I might’ve seen a slutty curl of her lips myself, but I was a skeptic of her consent. Thankfully, Lipi accepted me as her mom’s new husband. But she wouldn’t take on my surname, which didn’t surprise me at all. However, I accepted her as a daughter, and quite honestly, felt guilty for my perverted thoughts.

Lipi had taken a gap year, and her prom was canceled, all due to Covid. This year was spent mostly under quarantine until curfew was lifted. Then the teens arranged their long-overdue party at a posh mansion in Saint-Germain.

My wife was carrying me again and asked me to pick up Lipi at 10 pm, with some time relaxation for her darling daughter. It wasn’t spoken between us, but we knew the girl would lose her cherry that night.

After all, that’s the whole point of these parties. Her mom just didn’t want her drunk, in bad company. So a night out was not an option.

Lipi started preparing days before the event. She used her mom’s card to buy a BCBG dress. It was a size 0, black mini dress with a laced layer. Then she did her own waist-length hair into beach waves with a couple of blonde streaks.

Wednesday night, Lipi and her bestie had a dress rehearsal party at our modest villa in Neuilly. Both ex-cheerleaders had turned 19, still in amazing form, with toned thighs. Beth is a blonde, with a perfect “size 2” figure (34-26-36). She had a black ‘elf’ dress with red borders to go with the holiday season.

The girls had some Zinfandel (rose wine) and started chatting. After asking for my wife’s approval 10 times, they approached me to show off their haul. I was mesmerized by their fit bodies and ogled at their long eyelashes and baby pink lips.

My eyes couldn’t stray further, down to their assets or long buttery legs, lest they catch me on the wrong foot. I flirted lightly, giving them compliments, swaying lightly into the grey area, because the wife had already tucked herself in. We sat near the fireplace, drinking and laughing.

Lipi: Beth, this is my dad, A.

Beth: Monsieur (sir).

Lipi: Just call him A. He’s 3 years younger than mom.

Beth: Ah, I might’ve guessed.

Me: How are we doing tonight?

Beth: Peachy, how do I look?

Me: Very pretty, didn’t you have long hair till your waist?

Beth: I got a haircut from Sassoon.

Lipi: they paid her for being a hair model. I’m going too, after the party

Beth: We don’t need long hair now. Our cheerleading is finished

In fact, Beth’s blonde A-line Bob, with hidden lowlights, was making me horny since I set eyes on her. Her long neck with the slight undercut looked yummy like a cherry topping on ice cream.

Lipi: Let’s say she’s a bird at the pub. What would you do?

Me: Ask her for a dance.

Lipi: Come on, we’re all adults here.

Beth: Speak your heart (laughing).

Me: I’d take you home in a heartbeat.

Beth: Aww.

Lipi: In layman’s words.

Beth: Yea, the truth, or nothing.

Me: I could play with her hair for ages, kiss her from head to toe

Finally, the girls blushed and stopped talking. I got a hard erection, looking at their rosy cheeks and pearly teeth. I knew they were looking at my boner in the track pants and saw them both touching their clits casually. Beth brushed her tits, pretending to adjust her dress.

I was walking on thin ice. Lipi could bang me at the drop of a hat, ending my comfortable marriage. But their sexy, provocative voices were intoxicating, keeping me glued to my spot. Lipi didn’t want to spoil her dress, so she went to change. Beth stretched her legs, saying they hurt after shopping all day.

I massaged her creamy calves, feeling their silky smoothness. Beth moved closer, trying to put her arm around me, but I moved out of reach. She looked at me with big blue eyes, asking what’s the matter. I knew she wanted a bit of loving, so I put forth my condition, “If you show me your tits.”

She looked up over the sofa to make sure Lipi isn’t back. Then unzipped her dress halfway to reveal her lovely teardrop boobs with light pink nipples. I extended my hands and cupped her gorgeous bust. She put her long arms around my neck, kissing me on the lips.

I pressed her immaculate bob to her cheeks with open palms and gave her a sloppy wet kiss. She moaned with pleasure as soon as I twisted her nipples gently with my fingers. As I teased her breasts, she gasped with newfound pleasure, quickly thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

My hand ventured down to her trimmed pussy, finding her clit easily. After a quick rub, I put my middle finger into her wet vagina, pulling out just as she stood on her knees. She licked my finger like it was a dick, impressing me with her oral skills. She was definitely not a Virgin, I assumed.

The phone rang, Beth’s mum called her to check on her and Lipi walked in. Beth pouted, complaining with her eyes, and quietly walked out to change. Lipi was in boy shorts and a loose sweater. She looked ravishing in the warm red glow of the fireplace.

By the manner she was smiling, she’d seen me in the compromising situation with Beth. Before I could change the topic, she confronted me.

Lipi: You can make out with her. I won’t tell mom.

Me: And why the generosity?

Lipi: Because Beth is seducing you, I know her since we were four.

Me: I love your mother, sweetie.

Lipi: I know, that’s why I love you. You’re nice, not like my real dad.

Me: Hmm, come here, baby.

It was heart touching that she didn’t have a father in her life. I gave her a warm hug. It was all cute and cuddly for a second. Then my cock decided to pop up. The last canoodling session with Beth had rekindled my carnal feelings. Slowly, I put my arm around her soft shoulders, stroking her silky hair.

Just then, Beth came back, and Lipi stood up, calling for a group hug. Beth stood on her toes to hug me on one side, pressing her hip on my cock. I squeezed her buns from behind and rubbed her soft ears. Sitting down, I asked them to show me their cheerleading moves.

Both girls got up, made a few sexy moves, kneeled, spread their knees, and did a hair flip. My cock stood in attention when I saw Beth’s heavy bobbed hair slap her neck and come back to its perfect shape.

Tired, the girls sat down on the carpet watching a chick flick. Beth put her foot on my knee to tease me. I sucked her pink toes, biting intentionally. She sucked her lower lip, and her hand disappeared inside her skirt.

Lipi: A is a good masseur, Beth.

Beth: Really, I have body aches.

Lipi: Dad, can you give her a body rub?

Lipi winked at me, and I kept mum, then asked Beth.

Me: If you care to join me in the basement, I have a bench setup

In reality, it was my bench press setup, so I popped down quickly, cleared the weights, and raised it higher. I then put a white towel on it. Lipi sent Beth down to the warm basement with a bottle of baby oil.

I watched without blinking as Beth stripped and lay on the bench with hands folded to support her chin. I rubbed my palms to warm up the oil and started applying from her lower back. Beth closed her eyes, smiling, enjoying the feeling of my rough hands on her baby soft skin.

I finished her upper back and shoulders, then came down to her ass cheeks. They felt soft like bread, and I kneaded them to my heart’s content, then slapped her lightly on the ass to make her turn. The only dry area left was the midriff to the chest.

Her stomach was ticklish, making her laugh, showing her pearly whites. I wasn’t sure if I was falling in love with this babe or becoming a pervert. She looked like a Greek goddess, and I pressed her wonderful breasts to worship her. She turned on her side and reached out to my track pants.

I dropped them along with my boxers to let my 6-inch cock spring free. She rubbed it on her oiled cleavage to lubricate, then started licking along the shaft, moving my foreskin back and forth. It was clear that she had mastered the art of blowjob very well.

I let her play with my ball sack and suck my cock while shagging, till the latter couldn’t get any harder. Lipi was sitting halfway up the stairs, watching us from a vantage point. She had a capsule vibrator inserted already and operated it’s remote to pleasure herself.

Beth had a lipstick in hand and called me to come close. She applied the red color on my lips, and I knew exactly why. I started kissing her, starting from her neck, chest, making a trail along her narrow waist and curved back, down to her inner thighs, ending at her delicate ankle.

She looked at herself in the full-length exercise mirrors on both sides, patting her pussy lightly. I looked at her impossibly baby soft pussy and realized it was sugared with a Brazilian wax. Beth’s crotch had no trace of pubic hair, and I couldn’t resist touching it.

I put my face to it, kissing gently, then started licking along the ridge of her cunt, teasing her labia lips. She threw her head back, trying to pull me by my hair, deeper into her pussy.

It’s now or never! I thought and lay on the bench, sliding Beth’s light body on to my thighs. She put her hands on my chest and positioned my boner at her pussy entrance. Holding the base steady with one hand, she pushed her tight hole onto my cock.

The moment it slid inside, it felt like magic. Outside, it was snowing, with a chilly minus 10, with the wind whistling angrily. Inside was the most comforting feeling with young Beth on top of me.

She started swinging like a cowgirl, holding her bob tucked behind her ear with her hand on one side and swinging freely, like a heavy cape, on the other side. I raised my torso to reach her bosom, gently biting her nipples and giving soft kisses on her pretty pink lips.

She was nearing climax, and I turned her back to the bench, with her thighs resting on mine, to speed up fucking. Her thick bob was spread out on the bench, and I held her waist to give deeper strokes. She looked at my cock, working like a piston on her little cunt.

She dug her fingernails into my biceps, getting an orgasm while smacking her lips. One look at her slutty expression made my seamen burst inside her, like the torrent of a fire hose. We petted each other and cleared the basement.

I was going upstairs to my room when Lipi caught my hand, asking me to stay. I hugged her, saying good night. But she climbed on me with her legs around my waist, kissing me with her sweet lips. Her body was featherweight. For a moment, I was lost, then put her down.

Lipi: I have a crush on you, A.

Me: Me too, but it’s the forbidden fruit.

Lipi: What made you like me?

Me: When I saw you in uniform…

With a slip of the tongue, I’d disclosed my schoolgirl fantasy. I stopped talking and called it a night.

Friday came, and the girls got into a shared Limo with 4 other chicks. It was a one way trip with champagne, arranged by Lipi’s boyfriend, Sean. In fact, Lipi was also friends with two other guys whom she defended as BFF’s. But I’d seen them touching her all the time.

With lots of instructions from my wife, I started early and arrived outside the party house well in time. After waiting a few minutes, curiosity got the better of me, and I ventured inside. If possible, I wanted to see the guy who would break Lipi’s seal.

Walking into the backyard in my skinny jeans and hoodie, I blended in with the partying teenagers. Someone gave me a beer that I carried casually to avoid talking to anyone. First, I found Beth in the backyard, playing beer pong in the snow. She had snowflakes on her pretty hair and boobs.

I hugged her, licking some snow from her chest. She held my hand, asking me to do her, but I was tense. It was almost 10, and I had to find Lipi. She told me Sean took her to the game room. I went in looking for the room, finding boys and girls in various stages of intimacy, from foreplay to oral sex.

Walking quietly into the game room, I noticed a tarp on the floor and pool table. Three boys were standing around Lipi as she started stripping. One of them saw me and gave me a phone asking me to record. It was Lipi’s phone. The girl, standing in the center, just wearing high heels, was my stepdaughter.

The guys were Sean and her other two boyfriends. One senior was from her old cheerleading team, and another Indian boy from the football team. They started fondling her boobs and kissing her together. I kept the phone on a mantelpiece to record, holding my open jeans with one hand and rubbing my prick with the other.

Lipi smoked all three after the other, getting both her boobs, pussy, and ass caressed by 6 hands. Then she sat down, taking Sean’s cock into her pretty mouth. One other guy was shagging himself with her hair wrapped around his dick, and the third guy slid under, licking her shaved pussy.

Tired of squatting, Lipi got up and bent over the corner of the pool table. It allowed better access to get her pussy licked while blowing the second guy who was shagging in her hair. Sean rolled a condom on his 6.5-inch fat cock.

He spread her ass cheeks, entering her vagina in a single shot, making her shriek in surprise. Her virginity was taken. He fucked her pussy for a full two minutes before pulling out. Next, the soccer player lifted Lipi onto his hips and inserted his cock, fucking in a standing position with her legs wrapped around his waist.

The third guy held Lipi’s pretty face, kissing her deeply while Sean sat at the edge of the pool table, sucking her tits one by one. The foursome was excited to the verge, just waiting for Lipi to climax. Then the third guy made Lipi sit on the pool table, stroking rapidly.

Sean moved over to kissing Lipi while the other guy squeezed his head in her cleavage. He was sucking one nipple while squeezing the other with his hand. With so many erotic sensations, Lipi climaxed early, with a single loud moan. She was holding both Sean’s and the other guy’s free cocks in her hands.

It was the guys’ turn. So she kneeled in the middle, looking up at all three cocks. They wanked in unison, frequently touching her face and hair with their cock heads. Then she started spitting their cum. First, Sean put his cum shots on Lipi’s lips and head. She licked her lips and held his cock to suck him dry.

Then the other two shot their load directly on her head, giving her a cum shower as she looked up with excitement. One of the boys asked me to jizz on her head, saying I should be a ‘partner in crime.’ I turned off the video recording and tried to slip away. But the other boy accosted me to do as asked.

“What happens here stays here. Go for it,” he said, shoving me directly in front of Lipi. Luckily, Sean had left. So there was only one person who could identify me, and it was Lipi.

Without batting an eyelid, she said, “Come on, boy, give me your best shot,” and the other two started repeating, “Do it, do it.” With no option, I looked down at Lipi’s wet face and cum soaked head while giving her my cock to shag. It took less than 20 seconds to cum on her gorgeous hair.

Surprisingly, she took my cock and milked me, swallowing every drop of semen before releasing my cock. Sean came back with a towel and took Lipi to the bathroom. I finally slipped out, only to be caught by Beth. She wanted a good fuck because she’d got tipsy and hadn’t found the right guy to get laid.

I asked her to come back home with us. She had permission to stay the night out. Out of curiosity, I asked Beth why her friend went with those guys. I knew it would end in a cum shower. Beth told me it was Lipi’s fantasy. The boys were just helping, adding, “She believes in fantasies.”

After a quick shower, Lipi came out in her dress with a towel around her head. When we reached home, she went straight to her mom’s room. She wanted to sleep with her mother and didn’t need my permission for it.

Beth wouldn’t leave me for a single second, so I carried her to the guest bedroom, stripped her, and tucked her into the warm bed. As I was leaving, she extended her soft hand, saying, “Stay with me.”

As much as I fought my feelings, it was impossible to disappoint her. So I got in, spooning her soft body, with my face buried in her bob, enjoying the fruity smell of her head. We’d slept cuddled together till 2am when my alarm rang. I did my business in the bathroom, then checked on my wife.

Mother and daughter were fast asleep. I could hear my wife’s barely audible snore. Returning to the guest bedroom, I found Beth using the bathroom and got in bed for some more puppy love. Beth got back inside the cozy bed, kissing me like it’s her job.

She pulled out my cock, rubbing it on her silky thigh. Outside, the wind was whistling, and she buried her soft head in my chest. Without wasting time, I mounted her in missionary position, my arms around her back. I held her head and started fucking, with my face buried in her bobbed hair.

We both were in a comfy embrace, like a live-in couple making love. After I shot my small load, I offered her a ride. But she preferred to just relax with my warm cream inside her. As soon as Beth’s eyes closed, I popped down to the basement to sleep on my sofa, locking the door so no one would wake me till noon after my sugar babe experience.

My phone alarm rang at 11am. I freshened up and put a fresh pot of water for tea. There was a note on the fridge from my wife. She’d gone for her baby scanning, later going to visit her parents, and would return in the evening. She would call me from the metro station to pick her up.

With nothing else to do, I took my teacup and went upstairs. Beth was gone, and so was Lipi. I returned to the living room and started up the fireplace, dozing off in its warmth, when I heard the door open and close. It was Lipi. She called out to me.

Lipi: Romil, where are you?

Me: I’m in the living room. Want some tea?

Lipi: No, just stay there. I’ll be right back

In 10 minutes, I heard Lipi again:

Lipi: Ok, close your eyes…now open

In front of me was a schoolgirl, dressed in a checkered green, plaid skirt with a high waist covering up to her thighs, with calf length white stockings and a white shirt with a school tie. The most striking feature was her pixie haircut, with neatly trimmed sides and back.

My numbed brain started working again, along with my steadily growing boner. Lipi had come back from her hair modeling session, minus her long hair, to make my erotic fantasy come true. In my bewildered condition, I didn’t notice when she got into my lap.

My hands opened her shirt buttons to see her braless conical boobs. I was feeling her short hair with both hands and kissing her softly when she used a spot of jelly and inserted my thick cock into her impossible tiny hole. Her little cunt was tight as a vice.

As I started sucking her breast, she touched her soft lips to my ear, crooning her wish: Fuck me, Daddy!

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