Intimate Experiment Part-3

In the last part, you have read how the lady pleasured herself dreaming of her father. How she prepared herself, both mentally and physically, for the inspection. If you haven’t read that part, do read it for the best experience. This part narrates the continuation of that in her words, about the touch of the precious.

The thought I was going to be inspected today washed away the drowsiness off my eyes. I jumped from the bed and started looking for the best frock and chemise. Looking elegant was important that day.

I laughed at myself, realizing how excited I was despite the tension prevailing deep inside me. I entered the bath yard and cleaned myself. I brushed the dirt from every pore of my skin. I put extra interest in cleaning my vulva that day.

Every cell in my brain pushed me to touch myself again. But I knew it would leave trails while my father inspects. So I controlled myself unwillingly and continued to brush all around my body. I made sure that I was the cleanest of all days.

I finished the bath, and I wiped myself dry. I didn’t apply the lotion leaving it dry for his inspection. I put in my chemise over my body. The delicate fabric of my chemise ran down my smooth skin, shaking my tits and butts as it covered them.

I wore the fresh, bright green frock over the chemise, and I brushed my hair. I moved over to the scullery and prepared breakfast for both of us. I didn’t see my father that day. I was so anxious about the inspection and was dying to see him.

Nevertheless, I arranged everything on the dining ledge and waited for him desperately. After a few moments, I saw him coming out of his chamber. He was fresh, dressed in a bright cream-colored tunic and dark brown hose.

I knew he wouldn’t dress up for this occasion as I did. But he looked brighter to my eyes. I served him the bread with salad. He smiled as he joined me on the dining ledge. I smiled in reply, and we started having it.

Father – The bread is delicious.

Me – Oh, thanks, father. I baked it myself.

Father – Oh, really. You have learned a lot from lady Helen.

I smiled and was chewing the bread when he looked at me. I knew he would talk about the inspection at any time. So I was avoiding looking at him, only peeking at him when he was looking away.

Father – Alright. Are you ready for the test, dear? If you are, we can have it right after breakfast.

I coughed as some bread crumbs were stuck in my food pipe. I was startled to hear that suddenly. Though I was expecting it, I wasn’t prepared to have it so soon.

Father – Are you alright, dear! Here…

He held my mug with water and offered me, “Have some water.”

Me – I am fine, father. Looks like I had more at once than I have to.

I drank water and looked at him. He was looking at me, expecting my answer. I nodded at him with a smile I managed to gather at that moment. We finished breakfast soon, and my heart was beating like a roll on the drums.

Father – Dear, it is not an easy thing to do for a lady. If I have to wait, I will. We will do it only when you are completely ready.

I admired his care. I smiled at him as he patted my cheek affectionately. I kissed his palm as he did.

Me – I am ready, father. I am just nervous a little.

Father – I can understand, dear. You can take some time. I will set the apparatus, and you can come down after you are ready.

He turned around and started walking down the stairs. I cleaned the utensils and placed them on the rack. I walked towards the entrance of our cottage and locked it. I stepped down the basement as my tits juggled above my beating heart.

I stood silently as he set up the salver with tongs, clips, and other apparatus. He has put a mat on the wooden bench. He gestured at me to lie down on it, and I calmed myself to avoid awkward situations.

I sat on the bench and lay on my back as my head lay on the pillow at the edge of the table. He took his medicinal gloves soaked in spirited water and pushed his fingers into them gently. He grabbed the tong and clips and looked at me.

Father – May I?

I nodded again, managing to throw a faint smile. I lifted my frock and pushed the sides below my butts. My chemise still hid my pride, and I felt shy to show it to him though it was not the first time.

Father – It is fine, dear. I am just an inspector, and you are a case I am studying.

He comforted me. I nodded and slowly pulled my chemise to reveal my groin again to him. He rubbed his nose, trying to hide his amazement, but it was evident to me. My lips went wide though I tried to hide my blushing face.

He placed the clips he held, both sides over my labia and spread my legs apart gently. I quivered as his warm hands touched my thighs. The cold air hit my insides as my vagina spread open by his meager force.

He set the clips over my labia, and my warm hole was left open now. I desperately waited for his fingers to touch me. But he just checked it with his eyes. He took his sweet time to inspect my puffed lips.

I wondered if he really inspected it or was just admiring his daughter’s love hole as his eyes showed admiration. He must have admired his own lotion’s work, but I wouldn’t have minded if it was any different.

My thighs tried to close themselves whenever a cold wave of air hit my vagina. But the clips held my lips open. He sighed deeply, spreading my thighs away gently, and put his tongs to work. The cold metal of the tongs kissed my skin, and I cried.

Father – It is nothing dear. It is just the tong.

He mistook my cry to be out of fear. But I knew that it was out of pleasure. He put the tong inside the hole and touched my walls with it. The tongs’ cold arms made me tremble in utter joy, and it felt as if his fingers were touching me.

Father – When was the last time you had shed blood, dear?

Me – Three days ago.

I replied as my voice shivered. I felt shy at his asking. But I was overwhelmed with other feelings then. The tongs brushed my inner walls as he tested keenly.

I wanted his fingers inside me. But I knew my womanly cream would be out as soon as he touches the walls. I wouldn’t be able to face him after that. My head tilted to its left or right whenever he pushed my walls aside with the tongs.

He held the lantern near my groin as he continued examining my already wet walls. I was feeling embarrassed already, and that was not helping at all. A few drops of juice were felt deep down the vagina.

I tried to divert my mind towards the neighbouring kids, the farm, and the sewing I do. But the cold touch of the arms of tongs brought me back to reality. It didn’t let me remain in peace. He put his finger over my walls and wiped them swiftly.

That was it. The warm juices started gushing up as he checked his finger, keeping it near his eyes. My thighs got closer, trying to hide the shame, but it was of no use. Those creamy juices oozed out my fleshy lips just as the burning lava from inside the volcano.

I tried hard to curtail my moans, but my attempts were in vain. He looked at me, hearing the moans, and looked at my groin again. Juices were dripping out of it, and all of it was on display to him.

He looked at me surprised, what looked like only a half to what I imagined. I was embarrassed to my neck. I closed my eyes in shame. I wondered how he would have felt. He took a cloth and wiped it as casually as if it was our daily practice.

No words came out of my mouth as my eyes opened to look at his reaction eagerly. He wiped the wetness off my flesh and the walls pushing his glove clad finger inside. That pushed out a few last drops out my hole.

He made sure I was dry, and my cheeks were red in shame. He continued to inspect as if nothing happened, and that silence was killing me. I didn’t want him to think that I was a lusty maniac.

He finished his inspection a few moments later and smiled at me. I was ashamed to throw back a smile at him. He removed the clips and wiped once again as I sat straight on the bench.

Me – Father, I am sorry…

I didn’t know what to utter, but that was what I could manage.

Father – It is nothing dear. You are a young woman, and that is quite natural. Don’t worry.

His reply startled me. I was nervous all these days, anticipating this event and the reaction he would give. But he was treating it just as natural as the sunrise. I was wondering how fortunate I was to have such an understanding father.

He set all apparatus back to its places, and I couldn’t help but hug him from behind. My body was crushed against his, and my tits pressed at his back. But I was not bothered about it at all.

He turned towards me, leaving me free, and looked at me in my eyes. I wanted to kiss him, for all his love and care towards me. I wanted to kiss on his cheek initially, but as his pink lips stood in my line of sight, the desire to kiss his lips arose in me.

All the dreams I had about him played back in my mind and drove me mad. I moved forward to kiss him on his lips. He closed his eyes and kissed me back. I was about to close my eyes in happiness, seeing his response, and he opened his eyes in shock and pushed me back.

Father – No, this is wrong. We should not kiss that way.

Me – But I love you, father.

Father – I love you too, dear. But you’re my daughter. We can’t kiss.

Me – But I love you not only as a daughter.

As my eyes stared at his deeply. He looked at me sharply in anger and shook his head sideways.

Father – No, this is not right. You need to stop it.

Me – Tell me you don’t love me, and I will stop.

Father – Shut up, dear. I love you more than you know. That does not mean that we can kiss and love as you thought.

Me – You think I don’t know it. But I can’t help it, father. I can’t live without you. I need you with me every time. I dream about us. I want you to be my man, my everything.

Father – Say no more. One more word, and I shall slap you.

Me – I wouldn’t mind a slap. It can’t change my love for you.

He raised his hand at me but stopped partway. He was cursing in his mind that he was unable to convince me.

Me – Ok. I will stop. But tell me, didn’t you like watching me?

Father – What are you talking about?

Me – The other day, while you shaved my crotch, your eyes told you liked what you saw there. Then the time when we had our meals, you ogled at me. Not just me, but each and every curve of my body.

I took a pause as he stayed still with his lips open.

Me – And the day when I got wet at the farm, your eyes praised my body enveloped in those wet fabrics. And now, while you were inspecting, you didn’t just check the lotion’s effects. Did you?

He was startled after listening to my words. He shook his head to his right and then to his left in disbelief. Then he looked at me again.

Father – Ju… Just don’t invent things. I… I wasn’t doing anything you said. (struggling to frame his response)

Me – I know what I saw. I saw the admiration in your eyes. I thought if I was wrong at some point, but I can feel it if I connect all your reactions.

Father – Stop it. You don’t know what you are talking about.

Me – Tell me they are just my assumptions. Tell me what I just said is not true.

He kept silent for a while and said – They are not true.

Me – You have to mean it when you say it.

I held his face towards me and looked at him straight in his eyes.

Father – Fine. (he sighed) I admired what I saw. I will admit it. But that was a mistake. I should not have done it, and you should not have allowed me to either.

Me – Why shouldn’t I have?

Father – Because I am your father, and I have to protect you. I should not lust over you.

Me – But I know what you have over me is not just lust. I know you love me more than any man can. I wouldn’t mind if you lust over me. I trust you more than anyone else. You would be the best lover I shall ever have.

He thought for a while, deeply.

Father – Your mama would not like this. She must be upset already for what I did. I would not like to do anything that would upset her more.

Me – Father, do you remember what you said about the afterlife? At the time when mama left us?

Father – Yes, I do. I said that she has entered heaven.

Me – Yes, and what did you say about heaven?

Father – That it is a place she would leave behind all bonds of life and…

He stopped as he realized where I was leading him

Me – Exactly. In the place where she is now, she would be free of the bonds we set here. She would never stop loving us both. She would not care about our relationship as long as we don’t turn against each other. She would be happy to find that we take care of each other and love each other. She watches us every time now, and she knows our love was what drew us together.

Father – You really think so?

I blinked and nodded my head. His eyes were happy for a moment, but again he shook his head in worry.

Father – No, dear, the people in the town would come to know about it, and they will banish us from the town.

Me – We would run away. We can go to a new town and settle down there.

Father – We have our cottage and the farm here. And these people love us. They helped us survive every day of our life. We can’t just abandon them, not for the sake of this.

I didn’t have an answer for that. I stayed silent as he was. He walked away from me silently and started putting back his apparatus at its places. I looked at him helplessly and walked out of the basement.

But I wasn’t entirely disappointed. I could at least express my feelings for him, which I thought I could never do. And I could make him admit he had feelings for me too. My guesses were right. But I thought I should not force him into loving me.

I went out of our cottage and started working in our field. The work had kept me occupied, but the events in the morning never left my mind. I struggled to keep my mind focused on the work I was doing. I stumbled over a few times, and I had to take a minute to gather myself.

It was past noon when I guided the farmers on how to finish the rest of the work. I took a leave, stating that I was not feeling so well. I moved towards our cottage, and I stopped when I saw my father in front of our cottage.

He was milking one of our cows. He had taken off his tunic and put it over the ledge. His broad arms and wide shoulders were a sight to my eyes. I knew he would not like me, admiring his body. So I stayed back, hiding behind the cottage wall.

His right palm was brushing her belly while his left fingers soothed her udder between her legs. He was a master in that art. His thumb and forefinger slowly reached for her teats and squeezed them one after the other as milk poured into the vessel.

His muscles turned stiff and hard as his fingers milked. And I started imagining his strong hands over me, his little princess. The buzzing noise of the milk hitting the vessel was adding to my excitement. I imagined he milked my tits just as he did to the cow.

I started feeling his hands over my tits, his palm holding my tit and his fingers squeezing my nipples. I felt my nipples turn erect and poke my chemise as I felt his fingers over them in my imagination.

I started feeling his fingers pull my nipples as my nipples poured milk out into his mouth. I imagined bathing his face in my milk. I felt his muscles with my hands as my palms ran over all his arms.

I pulled him over my tits. His milky face rubbed my tits, his beard and mustache poking my sensitive skin around there, and the milk spread over my spongy orbs. I wanted my body to be touched, my lips to be kissed, and my vulva caressed.

All this imagination warmed my body again. My fingers tried to reach my tits as my other set of fingers started traveling south towards my groin. I started rubbing my nipples and squeezed my flesh. My labia was being taken care of by my left fingers.

I was entering the doors of heaven again as I was pulled around by a hand. It was the old lady from our farm. She looked behind the wall to find my father milking and then looked back at me.

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