Sex Lessons

Raj was looking for a new place to stay. It became hard for him to search for a place as he is a bachelor. His office colleagues suggested a place where a family of the mother (Anjali) and daughter (Keerthana) stays.

Keerthana is a 19 years old traditional, orthodox, Brahmin girl, whose father was very strict. He restricted her talking to boys and made her study in an all-girls’ school and even made her quit studies after the 10th.

So she had no knowledge of how to behave with boys and was not sure about sex. Keerthana’s father died when she was 18 due to an accident.

Anjali’s relative who was working with Raj after coming to know that Raj is looking for a place suggested that he stay at Anjali’s penthouse which Raj gladly accepted.

Anjali after her husband’s death was working as a school teacher and so Keerthana used to stay at home all alone. Raj was working the night shift so he has a lot of time during the day. Keerthana has a sexy figure whose body was just ripe at this age.

As Raj settled down in the new house, he became a great help to Anjali as there was no other male member to do errands, etc. Also, Anjali trusted Raj a lot and so she asked him to help her daughter in learning the basics of computers which may help her in getting an office job. Raj agreed.

He started teaching Keerthana about computers. Initially, he did not have any feelings towards her and taught her like a student. Then one-day Keerthana came in wearing a half saree. Seeing her, Raj was awestruck and thought that he should try his luck with her.

It was the first time that Keerthana was talking with a guy other than her father and she was shy in the beginning. Raj made her feel comfortable by treating her well. He used to gift her chocolates and other stuff.

One day when they were talking about general topics, Keerthana told Raj that her mom was looking for a match for her to get her married, but she didn’t know how to behave with her husband.

Raj thought that he had hit a jackpot. He told her that after marriage the first night is very important as the husband expects his wife to satisfy him well, and if she fails in that, she has to face a lot of trouble later on in life.

Keerthana got scared. Raj knew that she didn’t have many friends, in fact, no friend at all, and so she will not confide in her friends. So, he told her that you can learn from your close friends.

Keerthana told him that she did not have any close friends as she was always restricted by her father in keeping any friends. Raj told her that he can help her in that respect.

Keerthana asked him, “But you are not married, how will you help?” Cunning Raj told her that even though he was not married he knew all about it as he had friends who were married.

He told her that recently before moving to this house, he had helped 2 girls to learn how to satisfy their husbands.

Keerthana got excited not knowing that he was going to exploit her in the name of teaching, she begged him to teach her.

Raj: I will but there are a few conditions. Only if you accept those conditions, I will teach you.

Keerthana: I will do whatever it takes. All your conditions are acceptable.

Raj: 1. Whatever I teach you should not be discussed with anyone, not even your mother. 2. Whatever I do with you, you should not stop me even though it may feel awkward for you.

Keerthana: I am ready for anything.

The next day once her mom left for school, Keerthana came to Raj’s room.

Raj: Ok, let us begin the lessons. The first lesson is kissing.

He asked Keerthana to kiss him. Keerthana gave him a kiss on his cheeks with lots of shyness. Raj said, “A kiss like this can be given to anyone who is close but for your husband, the kiss should be a liplock and a mouth to mouth kiss.”

Raj played the Emran Hashmi famous kiss video of Ashiq Banaya. Keerthana was awestruck after seeing the video and was standing like a statue. Raj grabbed her waist and started kissing her lip slowly.

In 2 minutes, Keerthana started reciprocating his kiss and they had a kiss for 20 minutes which continued multiple times. Then Keerthana left.

The next day was a holiday so Anjali was at home and the lesson could not continue that day.

The very next day once Anjali left for work, Keerthana went to Raj and started kissing him as if she was starving. She was in total control of Raj. Raj told her that their next lesson was about feeling each other and then he began touching her.

Keerthana was wearing a shirt and skirt. Raj took his hands and started moving from her head, then touched her eyes and put his finger in her mouth. Keerthana started feeling relaxed and she was having a new feeling of excitement.

Raj reached her neck and started kissing her. Immediately, Raj started unbuttoning Keerthana’s shirt. He removed all her buttons and now she was in her bra. Her bra was of size 34 and Raj started pressing her boobs and Keerthana started moaning.

After pressing them for 5 minutes, Raj asked, “How is it, Keerthana?” She had closed her eyes and said, “I have never had this kind of experience before and it’s awesome.”

Raj asked her, “Do you want to have more pleasure?” Keerthana said, “Yes.” Raj asked her to take out her bra. Keerthana immediately removed her bra. Raj like a lion pounced on her boobs by taking them in his mouth.

Keerthana was like a fish in water and was shaking like anything. She was experiencing heavenly feelings and anticipating more action. Raj while sucking her boobs placed his hand on her legs and started pulling her skirt up.

He lifted it till her inner thighs and now her black panty was visible. He asked her to remove it. Keerthana was in a trance and removed it. Raj placed his finger on her pussy and started rubbing it. Keerthana was experiencing this much pleasure for the first time in her life.

Within 5 minutes, she reached her orgasm. After 5 minutes, Raj slept next to Keerthana and asked, “How was the experience?” She said, “It’s awesome and I want it every day.”

Raj told her that this was how boys gave pleasure to girls and now he will teach her how a girl should give pleasure to a boy in the days to come.

Ok guys, this is the first part.

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