Sex with a bride on her wedding night

It was August of 2019. I had no time to even change flats. Now my ex-roommate knew I fucked his girlfriend and was furious at me. So I decided to take a project in New Delhi. I needed to change my environment as I was also scared of what he would do to me.

I posted an Instagram story as I landed in New Delhi. It is a habit that I post almost everything on Instagram. I got a message on that post from an old classmate of mine, Ashwini.

Ashwini used to look very average when we were young. I never had any kind of attraction towards her in school. As we grew old, she did get a bit attractive and beautiful. I guess all the ladies do when they transition to womanhood.

She was 5’4” tall, with a figure of 33-25-34 (I got to know this later of course) and a dusky complexion. We talked for a bit and got to know that we were staying in the same hotel. And she was getting married in that hotel.

We met in the hotel lobby. She looked stunning as any bride would look 1 week before her wedding. We were meeting after 10 years, and she was excited at another level to see me. We talked for about 2-3 hours that day. I even had dinner with Ashwini and her would-be husband.

He looked okay, and he was also an NRI. They both invited me out of courtesy to their wedding and the pre-wedding events. I told them that my schedule was packed but I would come on the weekend.

Finally, the weekend came, and I got my rest day. I was asleep till 10 am that day as I was too tired from the week prior. After waking up, I went to have breakfast. I met Ashwini there. She was once again overjoyed to see me. We had breakfast together, surrounded by her family and friends.

I also met another old friend, Vasvee, our ex-classmate and Ashwini’s best friend from school. I spent about an hour chatting with Vasvee and Ashwini. She was implying something to Ashwini, which I could not understand at the time.

In the evening, it was the cocktail party, and everyone was in western attire. Ashwini was looking extraordinarily beautiful. I could not take my eyes off her.

During events, Vasvee told me that Ashwini used to have a huge crush on me. That is why she was so happy to see me. I felt good and at the same time, I was sad.

The next day she got married, and all the events were done. I was not expecting anything anyway. So, I got back to my room and prepped for the next day’s shoot. As I was working, my phone buzzed. I checked it, it was a selfie sent by Ashwini in lingerie. Her cleavage was visible along with the mangalsutra.

I replied to her asking, what it was. She replied and asked me to come to her room. It was 12.30 am, the hotel was deserted. So I went to her room, in my pajamas. I rang her doorbell, she opened the door. She was standing in her lingerie, looking too hot to handle. She asked me to come inside.

As I entered, I could see the bed decorated for the first night and her husband in a deep slumber. I asked her what this all was. She explained that it was her first night and she had just lost her virginity about an hour ago or so.

In her husband’s family, a new bride should be a virgin. To verify that the first-night mating must be done on a white bedsheet. So, if the bride is a virgin, she would bleed after sex, and if not the marriage will be discarded. She told me that when all of this was happening, she did not understand anything.

It was only a few minutes ago that her elder cousin told her about this tradition. She was very furious as this is not fair to women. She slipped her husband a mild sedative in the ceremonial milk. Now he would sleep till morning without waking up and sent me the selfie.

She told me that she wanted to protest all this stupid tradition. She dropped her lingerie down, now standing completely naked, with the mangalsutra in her neck and 2 golden bangles. When you have a naked woman in front of you, it is hard to resist for long. I still tried.

I told her that if she was not married, I would’ve never missed such a chance. She came to a step forward and place her hand on my cock over my pajamas and started rubbing it. My cock got hard in no time. She came forward and placed her hand on my neck, and pulled me down to her boobs.

I lost all control and gave in to lust. I was now sucking my just-married friend’s boobs. I took a break from sucking her boobs and looked at her. We made eye contact and kissed each other passionately. She hurriedly tried to take off my t-shirt and pajama. We kissed again and now our nipples touching each other.

She took off my underwear and started stroking my 6” cock. She got down and licked my dick first before taking it all in her mouth. She was giving me an amazing blowjob. I could tell it was her first blowjob as she was sucking it not very proficiently.

I stopped her and decided to give her all the pleasure of protest. I took her to the bed where her husband was dead asleep. We shared the other half, and I asked her to spread her legs. She did, and then I parted her clit and started eating her pussy. She was moaning and screaming in joy.

She even came once but did not squirt. I then inserted her in a missionary position and man, she was tight. I was breaking her virginity again as she was in pain. I fucked her in missionary for 10 minutes. We then switched to the doggy style. I fucked a virgin bride at her own wedding night for another 15 minutes.

She came again and we got more lubrication from her fluids and changed positions again. This time we tried the cowgirl position. She was riding me, and I was thrusting her in rhythm. She bent down and our chests pressed against each other and we kissed again for a long time.

Our session was coming to an end as I could sense my orgasm. I came in her pussy in a huge amount and she too came at the same time. She was satisfied and I too enjoyed having unexpected sex. It was around 3 am. We almost fucked for 2 hours.

I was too sleepy to go back to my room now. Her husband was sedated and won’t be waking up for 12 hours. So we had time till 12 pm in the morning. So, we both cuddled on the other half of the bed.

We woke up at around 10 am, we had another quick session in the shower. I made her cum again while depositing my sperm in her pussy.

They were to leave for their honeymoon and then to the US. So, Ashwini visited me almost every day till we both were in New Delhi. I fucked her in all positions possible.

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