Lockdown Frustration

This lockdown had made everyone a little stressed, I guess. The same was with me. I was very much frustrated by sitting idle in my house. All my friends have been into some kind of long lost talent hunt. But I don’t like that idea.

So I became busy on social sites and browsing around. I found some friends to chat about a few interests. Slowly the chats turned into interesting ones, closeness started to develop between my friends and me. One such friend is Shivani.

Chats turn into calls, then into video calls. We knew something was growing up in between us. Late night chats began to turn wild. Soon it became a daily routine to pleasure each other before sleep. She began to open up about her personal life. How her ex used her for his time pass.

She is a nice girl to befriend, a proper Hindu family girl with high dreams. Age 24, beautiful, has nice assets, balanced figure (later knew that she is a gym freak). Our heights are quite similar. She is a very free-minded girl, which I like the most, also the mischievous one.

We had some function in my home. I invited her that day. She was happy. She was wearing a purple suit and had bangles in her hand. She came in, smiled, and asked why I was still in bed. I said that I was a bit tired and will join in sometime.

She gave me a naughty smile and said, “Should I give you a neck massage?” I was feeling shy, so I said no. She convinced me to a neck massage. I was only in my shorts. My chest was bare. She took some oil in her hand. I was sitting on the edge of the bed.

She was sitting behind me on the bed and was slowly massaging my neck. Slowly she started to caress and massage my chest with her soft hands, which made me uncomfortable. She noticed it and asked, “What happened? Raj, why are you feeling shy?”

I smiled and said, “Nothing.” She kept on caressing my chest, making my nipples hard and dick tight. While massaging, she asked me, “Raj, how am I looking?” I smiled and said, “You are looking very pretty.” I was feeling nervous since it was turning me on.

So I decided to end it here and got up. I told her that I should go and take a bath. She was sitting on the bed, and I could see her melons. She said that she will wait for me to take a bath and then we shall go together. I entered the shower, and I could still feel her hand on my chest.

Suddenly I realized that I had left my towel outside. I asked her to handover it to me. I partially opened my bathroom door to take a towel. She was handing over the towel to me. She pushed the bathroom door, which made sure she gets a full view of my naked body.

I got nervous and quickly covered my dick with my hands. She gave me a wicked smile. As I closed my door now, I had realized that this girl had some other plans. I came out of the shower with my bathrobe on. As I was trying to get my dress out of the wardrobe, I felt she was standing just behind me.

I felt her hands down on me. I was shocked to see her grabbing my dick. I immediately turned towards her and questioned her in a shivering voice, “What are you doing?” She kept her finger on my lips and said, “Raj, your dick is quite big, and don’t tell me you were not peeping on me.”

I whispered, “But you are my friend.” She said, “I am not your girlfriend.” While I was speaking to her, she was constantly jerking my dick. Now she went down and started to suck my dick. I was totally in shock, but the first time any woman was sucking my cock.

I could not resist, and I kept my other hand on her long hair. She was slowly pulling my dick skin down, and her sucking was slow and sensuous. Within a few minutes, I felt I might not last long. So I pulled her up, and we entered into a long kiss for at least 2 minutes.

Our tongues were passionately engaged. She was biting my lips and even gave me a love bite on my neck. My hand was inside her suit, and I had grabbed her balls from the cover of her bra. My one hand was inside her pajama and was rubbing her pussy from outside of her panty.

Suddenly we heard someone coming towards us. So I got dressed up quickly. She smiled at me and said, “Let’s go to the venue.” I was feeling a bit disappointed as I could not do more. After reaching the venue during the function, she kept on winking at me and giving me long stares.

She wanted to get some ingredients from the market. She asked me to accompany her. I knew why she wanted me, but I felt nervous as I was worrying if someone might know about it. We got into her car as she was driving.
I was in the next seat.

She smiled and said, “Raj, I brought you with me so that we could complete what we left.” We went to a grocery shop where she bought some groceries. While we were returning, I saw her driving on a less accessible road. She quietly parked the car in a corner.

I got anxious and asked, “Where are we?” She smiled and said, “Don’t ask me questions. Just let me eat you quickly. We need to go back too. ” She quickly unhooked my zip and took my dick in her hand with few strokes started to suck my dick. I was feeling scared as someone might catch us.

But at the same time, I was enjoying her saliva on my dick. She then asked me to come to the backseat of the car. There she removed her pajama and pulled down her panty. She asked me to go down and lick her cunt. I went down and started to lick her pussy with my tongue.

She was moaning in pleasure, and I could feel her ass moving, lifting due to pleasure. She then got up and made me lie down. She took out a condom and put it on my cock. My best friend then guided my cock inside her pussy by sitting on it. This was the first time I was entering a pussy. I was in heaven.

To make me comfortable, she was caressing my chest with her hands. She even sucked my nipple to arouse me more. I could feel her moving up and down on my dick. I slowly lifted her suit and her small bra. I grabbed both her melons and pressed them, and sucked her nipples too.

She now got into a doggy style and started banging her pussy more and more vigorously. She was shouting, “Faster, Raj, faster. ” I was banging her hard. My cock was ready to explode, and so I exploded inside her cunt. I was drenched in sweat after taking on this horny girl.

She gave me a naughty smile and said, “Don’t worry, Raj. I will teach you more ways of pleasuring a woman tomorrow. And yes, don’t tell anyone about this. ” I dressed up and got back to my seat. Before she could start the car, we had a quick kiss on the lips.

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