Gangland during Photoshoot

Savita was dressed in a sexy saree that would grab any man’s attention. Ashok and Savita were invited by Bharat and other board members she sucked off yesterday.

They made an offer that Savita could not resist. They were ready to publish a magazine for women like Savita who were into business. They wanted to do a photoshoot with Savita at her restaurant.

This would boost the fame of her revenue, and she will be acknowledged as an entrepreneur. Savita was more than happy to take it. Letting those men inside her had its effect too.

It was the day of the photoshoot, and Savita was all set dressed in an extremely sexy transparent saree with no bra and a wide-necked blouse.

Savita opened the restaurant door to find photographer Nick and his assistant ready for the job. Savita never knew it was Nick who is going to take the stills. Savita had Nick had a wet history during another photoshoot long back.

Nick would never forget someone like Savita, especially since she had given him the most erotic oral he had ever received. But Savita had to clean up before the photoshoot. There were food stains on her saree, which might have happened when working in the kitchen.

Nick’s assistant was quick. He had no time to waste. Quickly he pulled Savita’s saree pallu drying to undress her to get the saree dry washed. Savita tried resisting, but she knew this has to happen to finish off the photoshoot as soon as possible.

The assistant quickly undraped her saree. Savita was left with the sexy wide-necked blouse and skirt. The absence of a bra was evident through her perky nipples. Her cleavage glistened in the light.

Quickly he stripped her off her blouse from behind and loosened her skirt, making it slide down through her thick thighs. Savita clasped her breasts. Just in panties, she stood in front of two men.

Savita stood there almost naked with her hands cupping her breasts when Bharat and a board member walked into the restaurant.

“I’m not paying you to shoot a porno!” Bharat said to Nick, staring at Savita, who pulled out a tablecloth and covered her exposed breasts.

Nick’s assistant quickly returned after dropping of Savita’s saree at a laundry shop. After all, he had to make up to do on Savita. He pulled Savita by the table cloth she used to cover her breast. He took her to one corner and then pulled the cloth off to make her topless.

The assistant took out his make-up kit and started working on her face. He was careful with her tender lips and lusty eyes. Slowly he brushed her chin, neck and moved towards her cleavage. The cleavage had to glow. He brushed her nipples, making her giggle as its tender touch tickled her.

Meanwhile, three other men in the room ogled at her.

“Randy, make Savita feel more comfortable and then get her warmed up,” Nick ordered at the assistant.

Savita didn’t know the assistant’s name was Randy. But she was shocked when she realized what warming up meant. The assistant immediately stripped off his jeans and stood there in his underwear.

Warming up was a method Nick devised to make women look hotter in photoshoots. Only when aroused women like Savita brought out the best in them. Nick ordered Savita to take Randy’s cock.

Savita, even though hesitant, moved her hand into his underwear. She felt it grow as she jerked him. Nick was busy clicking pictures of everything Savita did. Savita soon took out his cock as she felt it was huge enough to make her happy. Meanwhile, Randy started playing with Savita’s enormous tits.

Randy kneeled in front of Savita and kissed her belly above her panty line. He peeled out her panties very quickly and made her naked in front of the other three men. Randy guided Savita to lie down on the rug he brought and separated her legs as she did what he told.

Randy kissed her inner thighs and quickly licked her warm pussy. His tongue was doing its magic, which made Savita moan. “Now you’re getting into the spirit!” Nick giggled as the slurping noise rose due to all the licking between her legs.

Savita was now dripping wet. She was moaning loudly, making around her weak. With a boner, Nick clicked close up pick of her wet pussy getting licked and her jiggle breasts. Nick wanted to take part in the process. He ordered Randy to stop, making Savita lift her head and plead them to continue giving her the best oral she had ever gotten.

Making his assistant click pics while Savita spread her wet pussy for Nick to penetrate, he stripped naked and jumped between her legs. He inserted the tip of his cock into Savita’s pussy. She was well lubricated with her juices, making him slide in easily.

Randy was clicking pics of Savita and Nick devouring each other. He clicked close of pics of Savita’s face. It was evident from her face she was at the receiving end of immense pleasure. He fucked her in the doggy style, making her moan loudly, attracting Bharat.

“Think I’m paying you to fuck the model? “If I’m paying, I should get to fuck her,” Bharat groaned as he walked towards Nick drilling Savita’s pussy. Bharat pushed away Nick and got in between Savita’s legs. He stripped his pants and penetrated her already wet and smooth pussy. Nick ordered Randy to get back the saree they had given for dry cleaning.

Bharat was not gentle like Nick. He wanted to make use of every penny he had paid. He used all his might to pump inside her. Every thrust was harder and stronger than before and made Savita scream with pleasure. Nick used this opportunity to click pics of every minute expression Savita made as she moaned.

Bharat was close to his release. He was using all his might, not pumping her like a wild animal. Soon he shot his load of cum inside her, but Savita had not yet reached her orgasm. Watching three men already drill, Savita, the board member who accompanied Bharat, also wanted to deposit his seeds inside her.

Savita, like a whore smiled at him as she signaled him to get between her legs. He was not as huge as the others, but he could drill her. Nick and Bharat watched as Savita continued moaning with every thrust. He vigorously pumping up her inside, twisting her inner skin with every thrust.

Savita’s pre-cum was flowing on the rug. She was close to her climax. But the board member came first. He slowed down as he released his seeds inside her. Tired, he fell back on the rug.

“What? When do I get to orgasm?” Savita moaned naked spreading her legs wider. She let four men between her legs, and none of them drilled her till she released her juices. “Once your photos reveal to me how much you want one!” Nick chuckled.

Meanwhile, the assistant came back with the dry cleaned Saree. Dripping wet, with her hands on her breasts, Savita stared at the men surrounding her for another round.

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