Caught me Cheating

I’m a tall, dominant, hot, fit dude with a pornstar sized cock (proof on my Fetlife) living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I moved from SoCal (West Hollywood LA area) where every other chic had a nice rack, perfect cleavage and at least a full C cup tits. NorCal was the opposite, it’s like finding a damn unicorn here, most chics have As or Bs, rarely even see Cs and when you do, they are obese (I’m not into overweight women either). It was so easy for me to get laid with hot women with bigger racks in SoCal, so it was a huge change when I moved to San Francisco. The one positive I found with the women up here is, they’ve rarely seen a dick my size yet. Many say I’m their biggest yet. Very odd, since this is a relatively big area, and SF has always been known for it’s sex scene and sex clubs. I’ve been conquering tons of women up here, turning them into Size Queens on a regular basis.

But back on topic, I always believe I deserve the best, especially now that I’ve got hundreds of notches on my belt of all sizes of women on the spectrum scale. I rarely look the way of a chic if she has small tits, but it wasn’t that way awhile ago before I realized that bigger tits are superior. I used to date a handful of chics who had small tits (AA cup, A Cup and B Cup I consider SMALL, she at least needs to have a C cup and DD Double Ds are my favorite size).

But back to the small rack club, every single time I dated them, I ended up cheating. One (who lived out near Stockton Modesto area) even caught me cheating (buzzing iphone on the bed, she saw the incoming picture). I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care if she caught me or not, I knew she wasn’t going anywhere. That’s why I didn’t mind leaving my phone out where she could see it. She was mid 30s, 5’2 and 100 lbs, AA cup tits, smoker and had a kid already. I ended up cheating very quickly after we started dating.

I was in the bathroom when the text came in and when I came out she looks sort of mad but trying to control herself and says, “She’s sexy I can see why you like her.” She held up the phone and I told her straight up that I needed bigger tits to squeeze occasionally. She looked a bit shocked I’d say that right to her face. She was mad and silent for the rest of the day but the next day she opened up and told me she knew I’d end up cheating, because I’m hot and have a huge dick, so she knew I could always upgrade if I wanted to. Also, we didn’t live together, I told her straight up I’d never move in with any female, especially if she already had rug-rats. She was fine with that.

And here’s where the code was cracked for me, in regard to the mentality of chics with small tits. They are ALWAYS insecure about their lack of boobs and she told me that she’s always hated how small her boobs were, but she could never settle for a guy who told her it was fine or that he liked smaller breasts. She said she never believed them when they said it, so she always desired a man who preferred bigger breasts. She said it felt like she was getting a CATCH since she knows most guys will go for a woman with bigger tits if given the choice, so she sort of looks down on men who settle for women with smaller chested / flat chest / flat chested women.

I was sort of surprised when she said all this, but I knew her insecurities would keep her around no matter what I did, her and I both knew she couldn’t do better than me even if she tried. I knew after she told me all this though that I had a huge upper hand and I used it to my advantage. I told her she could still be my fuck toy, but I would always be out there tryin to find chics with bigger tits. She called me an ass but then said OK BUT JUST DON’T TELL ME ABOUT THEM. I told her she was mine though and I wouldn’t allow her to sleep with other dudes. She sort of laughed and I said I’m serious.

I was also exploring BDSM at that time and told her that she was now my BDSM Submissive. I told her to do random things like wear a small butt plug around the house at all times, or deprive her of pussy pleasures and fuck her in the ass until she earned enough ‘good girl’ points to receive pleasurable vaginal sex. She never said NO to anything I told her to do. So my cheating worked, she never went out with other men, let alone slept with them, and I always looked in her phone to make sure she wasn’t talking to other men. She knew I was fucking other women with bigger tits (I showed her the apps I was using on my iPhone, I found that particular Double D (DD) chic on POF Plentyoffish, but I also use Tinder, Bumble, Okcupid, Fetlife etc..).

Me cheating on her with a superior woman with bigger tits was the key to unlock all of this and bring out her insecurities full throttle! This led me down a path that opened my eyes to women with small tits and how they secretly and instinctively know they are inferior and will try harder to make up for it. This chic I was dating with small tits, started trying to wear pushup bras or padded bras to accentuate her cleavage, I would always laugh and pull really hard on the middle of her shirt and bra, making her tits deflate right away. I started dating a few more with smaller tits at the same time and cheated on them too. Every single one knew upfront that I preferred bigger tits. ALL OF THEM.

I would even throw curveballs and tell them that I’m actually polyamorous, and you’d be surprised how many told me that they were willing to share me with other women too. Most of these women with small tits know they are not the ones holding the cards in the dating game, and if you can show them past Girlfriends GFs, FWBs, or ONS (One Night Stands) who had better bodies and bigger tits, you’ll bring that insecurity out of them, which gives you leverage to do things like cheat or have other women involved in the relationship.

I now boldly tell chics that I prefer bigger tits and that I see smaller breasted females as inferior. Wouldn’t you know it, women with smaller tits were flocking to me on dating sites or Fetish sites like FETLIFE who told me that it turns them on when men degrade them for their small tits and that they hate when men say they prefer smaller boobs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I hear women with bigger tits privately tell me (pillow talk) that they know they are superior, which is why they try to show off their cleavage as much as possible. They know more men will pay attention to them and they know women with smaller breasts will be jealous. I met this Cougar in Mill Valley, California (just north of the Golden Gate Bridge) with nice big tits (Double Ds, possibly could wear an E Cup). She was in her 40s, but still had a good body (5’3, 110 lbs. huge DD to E cup tits). She said there is a mutually understood code among women, where they all know the one with bigger tits will get more attention from men. She purposely befriends women with smaller breasts, because she knows this and sees it firsthand when she goes out for girl’s night.

When I’m talking to or ‘dating’ (more like Fuck buddies who think they’ve snagged me) chics with small tits, I like to show them my past convos with bigger chested women like this, because I know they’ll become more insecure and let me get away with more. It works every damn time too.

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