Bank Executive

I got calls from a hot and sexy executive (Shilpa) of Axis bank regarding updating my KYC. I could not fulfill it due to a tight office schedule. I had to work from home due to the lockdown situation.

Her voice was very mesmerizing. We used to talk very frankly like, “Sir, please come for KYC. You are making me beg. This much I don’t even make my boyfriend wait.”

One afternoon I was very horny. She called me in a very seductive voice, “Hello.” I had that spike in my crotch. The conversation is as follows.

Me: Do you talk to all the customers so seductively, or am I special?

Shilpa: I saw your display picture on FB and WhatsApp. I find you very hot, so automatically, I become horny and sound lusty.

Me: Oh, come on, don’t flatter me. I have a boner, oops.

Shilpa: Really? How big is little prince of yours, haha.

Me: You have to meet him in person. I don’t like boasting about him.

Shilpa: Oh! This is by far the yummiest invitation I have received from any guy. We haven’t met before, don’t be shocked when we meet?

Me: Thank you. Your voice is so lusty. I am sure you have a voluptuous body waiting to be deeply explored.

Shilpa: Do you read minds, or it’s just I am horny? Shall we meet today?

Me: Yes, my horny bitch, 8 pm my place?

Shilpa: Sure. Text me the address.

It was 8.30 pm, and I heard my doorbell ring. I opened. I saw a nice 6 feet tall, perfect bony structure, a wheatish lady wearing a nice rich white salwar suit with a mask on.

“Hi sir, Shilpa.” I was in my Sandoz and sponge bob boxers. I welcomed her inside my house. She hugged me tight once the door was shut. I started rolling my fingers over her back. I planted a nice soft wet kiss on her neck. She gasped and pressed my buttocks, and we both giggled.

She removed her mask and smiled at me. I was in love with her smile, nice pink slim, and long lips with her perfectly aligned shining teeth. She was very beautiful. She had black hair and a long neck, which was the icing on the cake. She sat on the sofa.

I asked her to freshen up if she wants to and made a nice peg of Glenfiddich scotch on the rocks. She came from the washroom. We sat on the sofa. She took the sip of the scotch, and she had that shine in her eyes, showing she loved the scotch.

I was in awe of her personality. We finished the 1st peg and made another, which was bottoms up. Without wasting time, she pounced on me and started kissing me. I was pressing her firm boobs over her salwar. The lip-lock was on. Our tongues were moving very fast.

I pulled up her salwar and started milking the hot girl’s yummy boobs. She was dry humping on my lap. We both were turned on. The heat was so grave that I pulled her hair, broke the kiss, and started to bite her cleavage. She was moving her fingers in my hair and moaning.

I removed her bra and started to lick her perfectly round brown nipples. Her moaning went louder, indicating she was having fun. I lifted her and threw her on my bed. I started to kiss her lips while removing my clothes and her pajama. I started coming down towards her belly.

I licked her navel, which sent chills over her spine. She was breathing heavily. I started to lick her nipples and pressed her boobs with my left hand. My right hand slid under her already wet panties and started to caress her clit. She was moaning louder.

She reached my thick hot 8″ dick and started to stroke it softly. I looked at her and saw her full lusty eyes and smiled. She bit her lips and leaned towards my dick, and started to lick it. Oh my god, she was wonderful. Her tongue was super amazing, her mouth was so warm, I was on cloud 9.

I was also moaning, to which she got a boost and started to deep throat my dick. What a feeling it was, simply out of this world. I was fingering her wet tight pussy. After a few minutes, I pushed her and went between her legs. I started to lick, eat, bite her pussy vigorously.

She was moaning very loudly, “Yes, eat me. Oh fuck I am going mad. Please tongue fuck me faster.” I am sure she was in heaven. I was licking her pussy cozily and spent a lot of time fingering her pussy both at the same. She was pushing my head, and with the other hand pressing her boobs.

After a few minutes, she came on my tongue. All her tasty juices over my mouth, and she had a sigh of relief. I could see her eyes, fully satisfied, and her wide pink smile was worth a million dollars. She asked me for a condom to which a gave her.

She placed the condom on my red hot dick head and started to blow my dick. It made the condom slide over my dick with her long warm tongue. I went over her in missionary position. I slowly inserted my dick into her wet tight pussy. She screamed and bit my left shoulder. The pain was wonderful and warm.

I started to thrust slowly and eventually speed up. Her moans were getting louder with every thrust. We both were in heaven. The pussy slapping sound and our moans made a wonderful tune, which was in perfect sync. I started to bite her neck, and she was scratching my back like a wild cat.

The passion was at the top level. All I could hear was her moaning. We switched positions. Now the cowgirl was riding me like a pro. I was squeezing her, bouncing juicy boobs, and she was moaning loudly. We both were having the best time of our lives.

She was leaning forward and back, giving and receiving ultimate pleasure. After a few minutes, we switched to doggy style. I started to thrust her pussy hard. She was in pain, but immense pleasure had her totally. I was leaning on her, fucking her pussy wildly and squeezing her boobs and biting her neck, ears.

“Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, harder. I love this, baby,” were her moans. After 45 minutes of heavy fucking, I moaned, “Baby, I am going to cum.” She instantly switched towards me. She removed my condom and she started to enjoy my dick. I ejected a thick heavy load of cum in her mouth.

She was mouthful with my cum. To my surprise, she drank all of it and sucked my dick till the last drop. She was a pro and a beautiful fucker. She was amazing in bed. I mean, I did not have such great sex in my life. We smiled, slept together in bed panting for a while, and went in the hall naked for a few pegs.

We drank a little more. After an hour or so, we fucked again for 20 minutes on the sofa in the girl on top position. It was already 11 pm. I asked her to stay with me that night. That night we fucked 5 times.

Over the hall carpet, over the kitchen platform while making egg Maggi, in the bathroom below hot water shower and balcony. The best was in the bathroom as we tried snake, standing doggy, and one leg up positions. We met many times and had one of the best anal sex of my life, which I will describe in my next story.

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