I was married in 2015 and at that time my wife was 23 and my sister-in-law was 18. My wife and SIL are very good friends and my wife used to tell her how good I am in BED when it comes to foreplay or intercourse. So that helped me with my SIL.

She started liking me very much and whenever I used to go to their house or she used to come to our house, we got along very well. She is well educated and doing her MBBS so I never thought that she wanted me in bed. I got to know this later when she told me everything about her conversations with my wife.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you how she looks and all, her name is Supriya and she is 5.6 tall, very fair and figure is 34-27-33, in short, she looks like Sex Goddess. She is like her sister and her natural color of lips (horizontal and vertical both) are pink.

Once she came to my house for winter vacations in 2019, my wife was making “gajar ka halwa” and I and my SIL were watching Netflix on the couch. I was sitting at one end and she was lying down on the same couch.

Supriya’s feet were almost touching my thighs from the side. We both were sharing the same blanket as it was cold. I didn’t suspect anything unusual so far. After some time she put her feet on my knees and something started happening inside me.

I was not able to decide whether to step away from this or not, as I was afraid because my tool was hard and if she gets to know about it, what would she think about me? I have a 7.5-inch long cock and if I get up she would notice my bulge, so I thought I should stay in that awkward position itself.

To my surprise, Supriya started moving slowly upwards with her feet and took almost 30 minutes to travel from my knees to my mid-thighs. I had taken a bold decision and started to massage her left calf with my soft and sensational touches.

In some time, her right leg started touching my penis in between. I sensed her breath was heavy. She too took a bold decision and courageously touched my penis with her feet.

Then she said, “Jiju, you are very naughty and it looks like you wanted to take advantage of me.” I said, “What?” She replied, “I know I am your half “garhwali” and whatever happens, this stays between us.”

I was surprised by my sister-in-law’s statement but by that time, her right and left feet were exploring the length and width of my penis. I said, “it’s very hot.” My cock had become very hard now, I lowered my pajama a bit and took it outside.

It was safe as no one was watching us and we were under a blanket. My wife was busy with her recipe and talking to my MIL. My sister-in-law started playing with my glans (top part of the penis) with her toes and feet. This was giving me great vibrations. Her touch was different and she is very soft like cotton.

She said she wanted to touch “this” with her hands and by saying so, she sat on the couch. Then she slid her right hand under the blanket and touched my penis. Suddenly, she removed her hand and was surprised. She asked, “Jiju, when you have intercourse with sister, does it go completely in or only some part of it?”

I said, “When we start, just 1/4th and after 10 minutes of pumping, it almost passes the umbilicus “nabhi ” of your sister from inside.”

Supriya was scared by my width and length but she also said she wanted to try with me.

I asked her whether she had sex before? She replied with a “No” and that she had just done masturbation with 2 fingers max. By hearing all this, I was going mad. Every 1 or 2 seconds, great sensations and vibrations were happening in my penis as she started moving her hands up and down.

It was almost an hour now she was doing it with her feet and hands. Now I requested her to please stop otherwise this blanket will be wet and we might get caught from this.

She agreed to this but it’s was my turn and I started rubbing her up and now from inside. She was very wet and hot. I slid my little finger inside her and she caught my hand and stopped me with the fear of getting caught.

Wife visits Parlour without SIL

While all this happening my wife called us and told us that the halva is ready now and she needs to go to the parlor for hair coloring and other things, which would take almost 2-3 hours.

I had to drop her and my SIL at the parlor and later pick them up, but to my surprise, Supriya said she doesn’t want to go. She said she will get bored there and she wants to watch Netflix at home and winked at me.

So, I dropped my wife at the parlor and came back home with rapid speed. She opened the door and we started smooching and this went on for almost 15 minutes. Then she removed my jacket and shirt and I removed hers and threw her on the bed.

I parted her legs and started licking her toes and started moving my tongue upwards. By the time I touched her entrance which was pinkish, with my tongue she squirted on my face with loads of come and said, “Sorry.”

But I did not stop and started exploring her inner parts with my tongue as deep as I could for another 15 minutes and she came again and requested me, no more.

I showed her my penis and said it’s my turn now, and started looking at the wardrobe. She understood and said, “Condom is not required as in a day or two my periods are about to come,” I thanked God for how lucky I was today.

I knew it’s going to hurt her a lot as it’s too big for any girl and it is a monster for a virgin, but still, she had made up her mind and said, “Let’s try it. If it hurts then we will stop,” to which I agreed.

I said, “Let me apply some lubricant as it will cause less pain.” I knew she was wet again but lubricant oil will be good as I knew how she will get hurt when she becomes dry.

Then I applied oil on my penis and some at the entry point of hers and with one finger some inside her vagina. I placed her at the corner of the bed so that she won’t go back when I try to go in. I then came on top of her and started rubbing my penis on her from the outside.

She became hot and said, “Please put it in.”

I placed my lips on hers and slipped my cock a little inside her. She opened her eyes as wide as possible so that she can request me to take it out if she gets pain. But I knew that if I take it out I might lose the chance to fuck her today. I said, “Close your eyes.”

Then I started stroking her with my length with not even 1/4th entering her vagina. After 4 minutes or so, the pain became a pleasure for her. Then I pushed a little more almost 3 to 4 inches into her pussy.

My sister-in-law said, “No, don’t go more inside.”

After 3 more minutes, I came inside her with 6 or 7 spurts of semen. She said, “Your juice is very hot.” Then I removed my penis and it was red in color. I knew that I had broken her hymen.

Later she went inside the bathroom and came out after 10 minutes and said she was very happy but tired. We called my wife and asked her status to which she replied that she would finish in 2 hours.

I smiled at my wife’s sister and my penis started growing again. She said, “No, not again.” So I placed her hand on my cock and she started playing with it. Then she said that she wanted to give me a blowjob and started licking and kissing it.

My sister-in-law was not an expert but her beauty was making me mad. Finally, I blew my load on her face and she punched me with a naughty smile.

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