Cozy Time

I am Sandy from Delhi but presently living in Kolkata for the last few years. I have been on long tours for some time. I have a beautiful wife and 2 kids. It was around the 19th of March 2020 when I had returned back from my official tour of 15 days from Northeast.

I was very eager to be home and have some real passionate fun time with my wife, which I surely did when I was back. But this is not about me and my wife, it is about the young couple who lives just parallel to us in our Bungalow.

We have rented a portion to a young couple who had recently got married a few months back. He is Rahul (30) and his wife is Sapna (26). I had earlier never thought about Sapna as I had hardly met her. It was the same day when I had come home and was in bed with my wife after having a good session in bed.

My wife slept early that day as she was tired, but I was awake reading a book. It was then I heard loud moaning from the other portion where my neighbour couple Rahul and Sapna were having a session. Their bedroom wall was common with ours so I tried to listen more inquisitively.

I heard Sapna saying to Rahul, “Tomorrow you are going and will be coming back only after 7 days. What will I do all these days without you as I am addicted to your touch and can’t sleep without you in my arms? Take me along too.”

Rahul said, “It is an official trip and I can’t tag you along, don’t worry I will be back soon in no time.” Then they started humping not knowing that their sounds were audible to us. I enjoyed their chitchats and their lovemaking sounds when they humped.p

The next day Rahul left for his tour, and I saw Sapna looking at him and having a long crying face which showed she was sad that he left her alone for one full week. (We all know how hard it is for newly-weds to live apart in the early months.)

The next day my wife received a call from her father saying that her mother had fallen and broken her wrist and she was in pain and could not do anything. So my wife said that she wants to visit her for a few days.

My MIL also needed her more now and even the kids had holidays and can visit the grandparents. I arranged their tickets for the 22nd.

I wanted to fuck my wife passionately before she went for a few days. I made sure that when we made-out, my wife moaned loudly such that Sapna can hear us making out and make her miss her hubby more and later I can use it to my favor.

That was exactly what happened. We had a steamy sex session and my wife moaned a lot and was quite vocal this time.

I made sure that my neighbour’s wife Sapna got excited by hearing us making-out and the same thing happened. I saw in the mirror that Sapna was peeping in our room from her balcony. (My room had a balcony and so did Sapna’s room which was side by side. If I was standing in my balcony I can easily see her room if the curtains were not drawn, she can also see my room from her balcony.)

This made me hornier knowing that I was being watched by my sexy neighbour Sapna, while I was fucking my wife.

I repeated this the next day which was the Janta curfew day. My kids were in their room and I and my wife wasted no time and had sex in the afternoon and even at night. I was sure that Sapna will be watching us as she would be in the balcony very often.

I again saw her peeping in our room which gave me more courage in pursuing my plan to fuck my neighbour’s wife later.

The next day in the morning my wife called Sapna and said that she was leaving for a few days and if she needed anything, she can freely ask me.

I came back home from the airport and saw Sapna standing in the balcony. She smiled so did I and then went into my room.

As I had the wicked thought about being alone with a young lady who was missing the sexual pleasure of her hubby last night, I thought to give it a try in these 7 days that I had her alone.

In the evening, I went outside and got my stock of drinks along with food and all as I usually do all the shopping.

I came back home and was enjoying my-me time watching TV then came to know that from the next day the lock-down will start. This was an unexpected boon to my mischievous plans. I received a call from an unknown number when I received the call, it was Rahul from Dubai.

He said that now he is stuck in Dubai and cannot come back till the lockdown was over and Sapna is all alone there and he was worried about Sapna as she was crying being all alone there. I told Rahul not to worry as I am here and will take good care of her in his absence.

Rahul thanked me and said that he will be very grateful. I went to their portion and knocked, as the door opened, Sapna had a red face as she was crying a lot. I consoled her and told her not to worry as I am here for anything she needs, she looked at me and smiled and asked me to come in and offered me tea.

She was in her loose t-shirt and leggings. It was the first time that I had my eyes on her and saw her from top to bottom. Let me tell you she looks damn hot. She is a fair lady with stats of 36-28-32, long silky black hair with clear fair skin.

We talked about many things that day, as it was our first chat. Then I left her portion and came back, and switched on the TV and was watching the news in my room with a glass of Scotch in my hand. It was around 8.30 pm Sapna knocked on my door and asked me to join her for dinner, as she knew that my wife had left for Delhi.

I resisted saying it is not appropriate for me to be in her flat at this hour. To which she said that it is no problem and I can come as she has full confidence in me. She smiled and invited me in and I went for dinner.

After dinner, she said if I could stay a bit longer as she is not used to staying alone and can leave after a while. After her invite, I was very happy that she too was showing interest in me. But I was not yet sure about it. I said ok let me switch on the AC of my room and come back, she smiled and I left.

I had now made up my mind that I will seduce her and make her my slut. I went out and swiftly took out the fuse box of our meter, and so the lights went off. It was all dark as there is no other bungalow within a few meters from our place.

Sapna now got scared as she did not expect the lights to go. I came back and saw her standing with her mobile torchlight on, asking what happened, to which I said it seems our phase has gone. She got worried and said now what.

I told her to go inside and sit I will take care of it. I called up the electricity department and then complained but they said that they can only come tomorrow as all are closed today and no engineer is there.

Sapna was very tensed as they did not even have an inverter at their place. I invited her to my flat as she cannot stay in the dark and that too all alone. After thinking for some time she agreed to come.

I guided Sapna in my flat and then I switched the inverter on, and we had light in my flat, she was now ok, and smiled. I asked her to feel at home and then I went to my room and got myself a glass of vodka, and told Sapna she can take juice or fruits from the fridge.

She inquired what was I drinking, and I said it was Vodka, She said can I have one too? I was surprised and said, “Are you sure you wanna have it?”

She said she and Rahul take it together sometimes. I gave her a shot and she immediately gulped down in one go and smiled at me then we sat on the hanging cot in my veranda (balcony) and were chatting.

I came to know a lot about her, she too was very eager to know about me. I offered her a few more shots of Vodka which she took and we kept chatting about personal stuff too. I knew that she had seen me fucking my wife twice from her balcony which she was not aware of.

I told Sapna you are such a beauty, how did Rahul leave you and not take you with him? She smiled and said, “Work is more important to him than me,” the vodka had started showing its effects.

I took advantage and said if I had a beauty like you in my arms, I would have never left you alone, I flirted with her, she smiled and said, “You are making fun of me.” I said, “No, I am serious,” to which she said that my wife was beautiful too then why would I go on tours.

I said she can’t come with me due to kids, majboori hai, she smiled and said that she was missing Rahul a lot. I told her, “Yaa I can understand as I am missing my wife also.” Sapna then smiled and said that she had just gone in the morning only and you miss her. I said, “Yes Sapna I do.”

Then as we got more frank she asked me how many ladies I had slept with? I was shocked by hearing this. I said, “Why you ask that,” she said, “tell na…” I told her ok I will answer it but she also has to answer me about how she felt watching me and my wife fucking the other day.

She jumped up and her eyes were wide open, with shock. She was feeling shy. She looked up and down then she asked, “How did you know?” I told her that I had seen her in the mirror watching me and my wife fucking.

Sapna smiled and said that she was wanting to have sex after looking at me and my wife. I smiled and went close to her and kissed her lips, and was surprised that she reciprocated. We got up and went inside the room and closed the curtains.

I saw a wildness in her eyes as I pulled her close to me by her waist as she arched back, I smelled her neck and my left hand was holding her back, my right hand was in her hair and my lips were on her lips as we were kissing passionately.

Our tongue encircled in between and then as I sucked her lower lip she tried to bite me. I pulled her hair and then I smelled her neck and with my heavy breathing, I blew hot air near her ear and licked them gently with my tongue, she was also getting high while I was starting to get a hard-on.

She turned and I held her by her shoulders, kissed her on her neckline, then on her shoulder blades, my hands were holding her beautiful breasts above her t-shirt, her milky boobs were firm. She had not worn a bra underneath. I squeezed her breasts and her hands came down to my crotch.

She was squeezing my penis in my boxers. She was getting hornier now. She then took off my shirt and started rubbing her hands on my chest and pinching my nipples, she started licking my nipples and biting them. In a moment she was on her knees and she took off my boxers bringing my tool out.

She started to rub it and bring my foreskin up and down then she took it in her mouth, it was a wonderful feeling that my erected tool was been sucked by my sexy neighbor, she was a pro in sucking a cock. I loved the way she was sucking and licking.

After about 15 minutes, I was about to cum. I asked her and she said to go ahead. I came all the way in her mouth and was happy to see that she drank all my cum and cleaned it well to the last drop. Now it was my turn to give her pussy a treat that she would never forget.

I made her lie on the corner of the bed and I sat beside her and started to kiss her and lick near her navel, my fingers were playing with her clit as my tongue was circling her navel left to right, so were my fingers in her vagina.

I had my 2 fingers in her vagina and was slowly playing in and out while tickling her clit. My other hand was on her breasts which I was pressing and moving down slowly, as my tongue rolled down to her pubic region. I then started to tease her more by kissing and licking her inner thighs.

Now Sapna was holding my head by my hair and was pulling it away at times, but I was slowly moving to her glory hole. She had a clean-shaven pussy which was pinkish and it smelled so good. I kissed her labia and then sucked it gently, as Sapna just pushed my head more into her vagina.

I started licking her lower lips (vagina), my tongue was going up and down on the side of her vagina, in between my fingers were also going in and out. I licked and cleaned her pussy dry, she was shivering and she held me in her arms and cried a lot.

When I asked her, “Is everything ok?” She said she had never had such an orgasm in her life, and she was very happy. She said that Rahul never gave her oral service, and he lasts only a few minutes in bed, so she was very happy to have me as her partner.

Sapna and I were now lying in bed and recouping our drained energy for our next session.

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