An Intimate Experiment

I just walked inside the cottage casually, throwing my sack away on the floor. I looked for my father in all the walled chambers of my cottage but couldn’t find him.

I immediately knew where he would be. I stepped down the passage to the basement. There he was, sitting on a wooden trunk, with his head resting on both his hands over the ledge, amidst all his old apparatus.

Me – Father, you know what happened?

He looked at me, and I stopped as soon as I saw his face worried. He looked at me and smiled a little, trying to hide his misery.

Father – Hi, dear. How was your day at the farm?

Me – It was good.

I cuddled onto him.

Father – So you were trying to say something. What was it?

Me – Oh, that is trivial. Don’t mind it. Why do you look worried? What happened, father?

Father – Nothing, dear. I was just thinking about my lotion’s trial.

Me – What about it, father? Is something stopping it?

He thought for a while and looked at me.

Father – Hmmm. I was working on lotion for the ladies. I finished it, but I need someone to test it on.

Me – Oh, father. That is nothing. There are plenty of ladies in this town, and you seem to forget that I am a lady too.

Father – No, I mean. They would not like to be tested in front of others. Not even you

Me – I didn’t get it, father. Why wouldn’t they like that?

He looked down and shook his head, trying to clear my perplexity.

Father – It is… It is for their privates, dear. For their… How do I tell you…? For their… vulva.

I was appalled. I was not prepared to hear that word, not from my father. He never used such words with me before that. After my mother had left us, he was the only one around me. But we never happened to talk about it.

Though he was the only one around me when I shed the first blood, it was the ladies nearby who took care of me. Then I learned how to handle it myself. So there was not one chance we talked about it.

I took a moment to go through it. I knew him. He wouldn’t use such words unless it is really necessary. I knew he must be working on something beneficial to the ladies. I understood his hesitation then.

I knew he must have felt embarrassed to talk to his daughter about that. I looked at him and smiled back, silently assuring that I was fine with it.

Me – I understand, father. But you don’t need to worry about it. I can give it to any lady, and they can apply it to their privacy.

Father – They can, dear. But I need to inspect the organ every week. I need to examine the results. Which lady will agree to such an inspection!

I thought for a moment. He was right. No lady in our town, in truth, any town, would be ready to show her privates to him. Then it struck my mind that a few ladies were in the town who would not shy away.

Me – Why don’t you check the brothel at the corner of the town? The ladies there would not hesitate to take this test.

Father – I did, dear. I already spoke to the keeper this morning. She sent one hustler with me. But that lady had taken that chance to run away. I couldn’t stop her. I could not stop her from going free.

He paused for a moment and continued.

Father – The keeper got furious at this. She sent me out at once when I told her about it.

Me – Oh dear, this is bad. Now I understand why you are gloomy now.

Father – That’s alright, dear. I was wondering if I can move to the neighboring town tomorrow and fetch a hustler from there.

Me – What? No, Father. The town next to ours is miles away. I would not let you wander alone in that rough track.

Father – But I should go, dear. There is no other way.

Me – There should be a way, father. Let me think about it.

I knew that there were not many choices left. I had already decided I will not let him go into those woods. I have seen a lot of deaths in the village from the wild beasts roaming around there. I didn’t want to lose him to them.

The thought that I can get tested crossed my mind. But I was shocked to hear that word from him a few minutes ago. I wondered how I would let him touch it and see it. But the risk in his trip made me think about it again and again. I made the decision finally.

Me – There is a way, father. There is one way.

Father – Oh, dear, that is lovely. What is that way?

Me – I can apply that lotion

Father – What are you saying? How am I going to inspect you?

Me – That is alright, father. You are the one who gave birth to me. You are the creator of my body. You can inspect me. I would let that happen rather than letting you wander alone in that wilderness.

Father – No, that can’t happen. I can’t let you go through it.

Me – I have no problems, father. I can go through it indeed.

Father – But…

He was still in his confusion, and I walked back, taking that lotion from him. I moved to my chamber and closed the door. I sat over my bed and looked at the tiny urn in my hand. I opened it and wiped some lotion from it. I held my fingers at my nose.

It had a pleasant flowery smell with some medicinal flavor to it. I lifted my frock and dragged my chemise up. I was about to apply the lotion, and I heard a knock on my door.

Me – What is it, father?

Father – Are you certain, dear? (from the other side of the door)

Me – Yes, father, I am…

Father – Ok, as you wish. But before you apply it, see that the organ is clear of everything.

I was trying to derive what he meant by that, and he passed a razor-blade from under the door. It stopped right in front of me, and I looked at it in awe. I got his intention, but I never used this earlier. I didn’t know how to use it either.

However, I went to the bath yard and sat down on the floor. I spread my limbs and pulled my chemise up again. I opened the blade and put it near my groin. My palm trembled as it went close to my vulva. I was worried that I would cut my tender skin down there. I knew I needed help.

I opened the door and looked for my father. He was out on the lawn cutting wooden logs for the fire. He worked hard, and he looked strong as a result. He tied his tunic around his waist, and he was in his vest.

It was not new to me. But the conversations about my privates earlier had affected me perhaps. I looked at his muscles and admired him. He had strong arms and a broad chest. I realized that he was handsome too.

I wondered how girls would have admired him when he was young. They would have dreamt of him as their partner just as I was doing then. I then suddenly realized my mistake, and I reproved myself. Then I took a minute to gather myself and called him. He entered the cottage.

Father – Tell me, dear. What is it?

I showed him the razor and looked at him shyly.

Me – I don’t know how to use it. Would you teach me?

Father – Oh, Hmm… How can I teach you this?

He thought for a moment and looked at me.

Father – I can show how to shave my beard, and you can learn from it.

I nodded, and we both moved to my chamber. He brought some water in a mug and wet his cheeks.

Father – You can wet it and use this cream.

He put some cream onto him. Then he spread it over his cheeks, and lather formed all over his beardy cheeks. And he slid the razor over his cheeks, and it cleared the hair over the skin. He repeated the step a few more times. He washed his skin and looked at me.

Father – That’s it. You just have to do the same.

I nodded, and he moved out. I went again to the bath yard to try what I have seen. I wet the skin over my vulva and applied the cream he used. Then I held the razor and moved the blade closer to my skin.

I was worried about the blade touching my skin. But I gained some courage and put it over the skin beside the hair there. But the moment I slid the razor, it just moved over the hair smoothly. But it didn’t clear even a single strand of hair. I tried again, but the result was the same.

I thought I was too soft upon it. So I put some force this time, and it cut my skin. I threw the blade away and left out a shriek. I wet my hands and wiped the drops of blood off my skin. I heard my father running to my chamber. I pushed my frock down in a hurry and looked at him.

Father – What happened, dear? Did you cut your skin?

Me – Yes, Father, it’s just a small cut. I am alright.

Father – No, dear. Those organs are delicate. Would you mind if I have a look?

I shook my head, keeping my head down in shyness. He came in front of me and lifted my frock and chemise in worry. Though the creamy foam covered the parts of my private smooth skin, some of it was wiped away. So I worried all of a sudden and covered my groin with my palms.

Father – Don’t worry, dear. Just let me check the wound.

I moved my palms slightly, revealing just the wound, and he tore his sleeve off his tunic. He held that and put it over the wound to wipe the blood. My body jerked. I let out a faint moan as he touched my skin there for the very first time. He rubbed the blood with the cloth and immediately took his hands away.

Father – Gladly, it is just a small cut. Let me get some spirit

He ran to the basement and was back with a glass tube. He spilled a few drops from the tube onto the cloth and wiped again. I moaned again as it hurt me. But it soothed the pain immediately, and I liked his fingers there.

He moved his hands away now. But I wanted those fingers to touch me again secretly. My mind warned me about it. I knew he was my father. But his touch felt different and pleasurable. His fingers rustling my hair over the tender skin exhilarated me.

Father – It should be good now.

Me – Yeah.

Father – I should have taught you well. The blade needs to be held diagonally against your skin, and then it should be scratched against your skin.

Me – I did as you showed me. But I think I have not put the right force at it.

Father – Ok dear, the lotion won’t be effective if we don’t clear it. Would you mind if I shave it?

A tingle started deep inside my heart. I wanted his fingers again on my skin, but I was feeling shy to show it to him. I knew he had to see it. If not then, he should see it for inspection later. So I convinced my mind and body and slowly moved my palms away.

My mushy clit was open with a thin bush round it. He kept his head down, giving me some time to get ready. My mushy vulva was open with a thin bush round it. I cleared my throat, indicating that I was ready.

He slowly turned towards my groin, and his eyes went bigger as soon as he saw it. His lips were open, and he gulped in shock. I was equally embarrassed and excited to see his reaction.

He took his time to come out of his shock but bent his head down again, this time in shame, as soon as he realized his mistake. He took the blade into his hands and moved his palms near my groin.

I could see his fingers trembling as they reached my skin. He placed his left fingers near my groin and stretched the skin. My clumsy skin turned flat as he did. He then held the blade with his right hand and drew the blade over the hair.

He elegantly slid the blade over my skin, avoiding to touch around the wound or the private hole. His fingers knew what they had to do. They slid the blade just as a knife over the bread. The blade scraped the skin smoothly, even without the cream spread over my skin.

He had to put pressure over my skin there sometimes, and it caused new senses inside me. I held my lips against each other. He repeated the step and brushed the loose hair off the skin. His fingers moved closer to my vulva. I was turning impatient.

He gently scraped the blade over my skin and cleaned further. He was careful not to touch my labia. He held my palms and guided them to hold my lower lips while he scraped off the final hair strands off the edges.

Then he started moving to the other side of it. I instantly adjusted to sit comfortably as I was sitting in the same position for a few minutes. As a result, my body jerked up, and my hands were resting on the floor for support. So his fingers just touched my inner lips briefly due to the jerk.

I sat back immediately and put my palm back on my vulva as he retreated his fingers away swiftly. I looked at him, and he was checking my reaction. Inner me had enjoyed that touch.

But I knew my father would not like touching his daughter. He was ashamed to have slipped his fingers and was looking at me apologetically.

Me – It is alright, father. It was just an accident.

He nodded and looked relaxed. But my muscles there were reacting quite the opposite to his relaxed state. My lower lips were trembling with that rare manly touch they felt. I have touched my lips prior while washing them off. But I never felt any such inexpressible senses like I felt from his touch then.

My heart raced its beats, and I tried hard not to show any reaction over my face. He began to continue the shave, moving his trembling fingers close to my vulva again. I moved my palm away from my vulva slowly. Then he held my inner thigh and drew it away from my groin.

It flattened my skin, and that drew my lips away from each other, letting cool air inside. My skin was already wet from the water I applied, and the cool air touching it made me shiver. My lips expanded, and I was worried he would notice that.

His eyes moved over it, but he didn’t look at it keenly. Or he noticed it perhaps and pretended not to have noticed it. Either way, I was tense, and that was not helping. My vagina was excited with thoughts of forbidden sex.

He cleared the next lines of hair there and moved closer to the lips again. He made sure that he just touched my skin near the edges with the blade alone. He kept his fingers away from my lips, just using them to flatten my skin.

I supported by holding the lips, but it added to the titillation I had already. I was involuntarily moving my fingers more towards my lips. I tried hard not to let him notice it, but I was silently putting pressure over my lips there.

He shaved the bushes near the edges, and his fingers touched mine. Though it was nothing unusual, it increased the heat inside my body. I could feel that there was something hot wetting my vagina. He brushed the final hair over the edges, and a drop of the juice neared the edge.

It was about to come out of the lips, and I closed my limbs instantly. He looked at me in shock, and I managed to let out an awkward smile. He must have interpreted my reaction to being out of shyness, and he smiled uncomfortably.

Father – You can clean it with water and dry it before applying the lotion

I nodded uncomfortably. But the hot fluid was gushing inside the walls, and a few drops had already crossed the lips.

Father left now, and I waited for him to close the door behind him. Once he did, I immediately put my fingers to stop the fluid from coming out. But the pressure my fingers put on my lips was causing tremors in my body.

I was confused if it was pee. But I never felt such a strange pleasure when I peed before this. My attempts to stop the fluid actually fuelled it, and the juices started gushing out faster. I moved towards the pot and let those juices out.

My fingers pressed themselves on the lips, and the fluids poured off the lips onto the pot for a pleasant few minutes. My whole body was shivering, and my skin felt hot. My fingers rubbed my lips without any effort, and it let out thick drops of liquid one after the other.

After a while, my muscles relaxed, and my lips stopped trembling as the final drops leaked out of them. My body cooled down, and my limbs felt weak. I held onto the walls of my bath yard and sat down on the floor.

I stretched my limbs and looked down at my groin. It was shining with all the juices over it, and the skin looked smooth and clean after the shave. I was breathing hard after those moments of high, and I relaxed after a while.

I washed the juices and left out hair off my skin and vaginal lips. But I could not wash out the pleasure and thrill I got from my father’s touch. I never knew how it would feel to be touched by a man. I never knew how my vulva would react to it. But I found my answers to all such questions that day.

I felt guilty to have such sexual feelings against my father’s touches. But I knew I wanted more of it deep down as it was awakening lustful desires.

This is the end of this episode, and the story will be continued in the next one. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to

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