Physical Love

Garry have planned a weekend with Indrani as she is bold hot and sexy and much more older to me but as we both have enjoyed physical love couple of times we are going to meet again she is a 24 years girl with a tall figure of 5’7 inches as her slim body is too appealing with pair of round boobs and slim waist and her V shaped buttocks is bit fleshy and it’s 11:00 morning as we both meet at ITO and now approaching to Buddha park, she have put a blue short dress as her parts of thighs is nude and in a cab she just hold my hand and put it on her thighs so i started rubbing her soft thighs and as i moved my hand inside her short dress she felt bit scared as she hold my hand and looks at me “wait for it dear we have a day to enjoy ” and i took out my hand it’s a cloudy sky as month of July is too hot and humid and as we left the cab she moved to an ice-cream vendor and than said vanilla flavor ice-cream please.

(Garry)love to enjoy chocco flavour ice-cream and we both moved inside park budhha park at the outskirts of Delhi with a large area as well as lot of greenery so i hold Indrani’s hand as walked towards dense bushes and it’s a cloudy sky so sun god have made us some how cool but it’s in my mind to enjoy a hot oral sex session with her and lastly under a banyan tree we sits on grass as there is too peace due to no one especially love couples there and as Indrani is wearing a short dress her thighs are completely nude with her knees getting bend and dress coming upto her waistline. Garry is looking at him with eyes straight on her round boobs and thighs also so inching closer she hold my hand as put it on her breast “looking like a stranger ,we are not here for religious cause isn’t it (Garry while squeezing her breast) sure babe atleast have some fun with my lips on your soft hole as she felt bit shy but soon her hand started unzipping my jeans and lastly she got her penis to touch she starts jerking it gently as my lips are on her lips and she is not a teenager or a novice one as she knelt in front of me with her hand on my neck ans both’s lips are sealed as starts kissing each other’s lips and my hand is on her back. Indrani now swallows my lip as my hand moves inside her short dress so i can touch her soft buttocks with my fingers in her ass crack and soon she left my lip as her tongue starts licking my lip and she is much more horny with my hand rubbing her buttocks and lastly i removed her G string .

We both are holding each other as i put my hand on her neck and opened my mouth to swallow her long tongue Garry is rubbing her buttocks but soon my fingers are in her vagina it’s completely dry as i am fingering her vagina fast while sucking her tongue and i can smell her lady perfume on clothes after a while my mouth is full of saliva as she pushed my face back now holds my erected penis and as Indrani’s vagina is straight to my cock her stretched thighs with buttocks over it i am not expecting her vagina to get wet soon and as vagina’s cum starts dripping she kisses my face a good position to get fucked as no one is here to see our sexual pleasure (Garry is rubbing her back) ok as you wish but if get caught than and she holds my penis as starts rubbing it’s glans on her glory hole soon it eloped inside and her both arms on my shoulder.

I can feel her buttocks going down as she is putting her weight on my erected cock but i am still waiting for cock to be inside her vagina as it happens and now Indrani starts swinging her buttocks as i hold her hard so my legs are straight as she is bouncing her buttocks on my cock and her soft boobs is getting pressed on my chest it’s a hot day and now Garry hold him hard as starts fucking her from below. Indrani is in fire as she is screaming “oh uh um Garry fuck fuck me like a hungry wolf i am your slave ” and we both are holding each other’s body as she is bouncing her buttocks with my cock moving faster in her vagina from below we are in a park but have picked up an isolated place.

Indrani is too hot as she is swinging her buttocks wildly and my erected penis is hitting her vagina’s depth with my hand holding her hard and she now put her face straight to me as she kisses my lips “uh oh um Garry want to get fucked whole night (Garry is fucking her from below) baby i need you also as here i can’t do everything i want and as i felt her vagina wet i stops my fuck as she left my lap. Indrani is too bold as she stands and her short dress is down but her G string panty is on grass and she took out a bottle of water as she walked away while i am sitting with my cock straight and it’s a puffing cock so my lower parts are nude as i am sweating profusely and now wiped it with my hanky. I have kept a packet of cigarettes with a match box so lit it to smoke and she walks to me.

To be continued……………………..

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