Sex in Bathtub

I am 27, a software engineer with a well-built body for those who did not read it. The first story was about losing my virginity to Anjali, a super sexy girl I met on a dating site. I will tell you the story of sex in the bathtub.

Quick recap: Anjali is 25, fair skin, a beautiful face, 34 sized boobs, perfect hourglass shape. We had many sex chats and video chats. Finally, we ended up meeting one day and fucked like hell the entire night on her bed.

So here goes:

The next morning I woke up with the sound of water running down the tap. I was naked. It took me a second to realize where I was. I searched for my phone and saw the time. It was 11am.

I got down from the bed and walked towards the bathroom where the water sound came from. The door was slightly open. I knocked and called out.

Me: Anjali…

Anjali: Hey Raj. Yaa, it’s me. Come on in.

My dick was small until then. I opened the door and walked in. It was a well-decorated bathroom, just like her house. A big mirror, a neat floor, and a bathtub to the end. In the bathtub was Anjali, my sexy girl naked. The water was still running down the tap filling up the tub with hot water.

She had her hair in a bun, and the water was filled until her cleavage. She put her hands out, signaling me to join her in the bath.

Anjali: Come on. Join me. (wink)

It was such a view to see a hot girl in the bathtub calling you to join her. And those eyes! On top of it, a seductive wink. Oh my god. That’s such a turn on. My small cock started responding to her before my mouth could speak. It started to get hard. But I had to pee.

Me: I would love to, but I have to pee urgently. (embarrassed)

Anjali: (laughing) Yaa, go ahead.

She covered the tub with the curtain. And I took a piss. It was an awkward feeling when you piss right next to a sexy naked girl. I took some time to pee with my semi-hard cock. I cleaned myself up, and my dick was now ready to feel her.

Anjali: Done?

Me: Yes, babe. Now I am all yours.

The bathtub had some stairs to walk into it. I got on them and put my feet into the water. She moved forward so that I can get below her. Now she was sitting right before my cock and leaning her back on me. I put my hands around her waist, hugging her. Running my fingers on her bare navel.

Her back was touching my slightly hard dick. The water was hot, just like her. Filling the room with some steam. I started kissing her neck while my fingers were rubbing her front. My chest and dick were taking care of her back.

I move one hand over to her firm breasts and start playing with them. Rolling my fingers on and around her nipples. The other hand goes down to her thighs and then teasing her. Tickling her. Then to her clit. Softly rubbing her clit.

Anjali: Hmmmm…(relaxed)

She lets out a soft moan taking a big gulp down her throat. She puts her hands on mine and enjoys the rubbing. I start to suck her ear, and then she turns her head to feel my lips. I love sucking those pink lips. I immediately get the lower lip between my lips and start sucking on it softly but firmly.

I increase my pressure on her boobs and also the speed of my circles on her clit. I know she is turned on, and she is now in my control. I start loving her with my tongue now. I take it into her mouth and lick around as if it was searching for something in there.

Later, I invite her tongue into my mouth by licking and biting her. Taking her tongue into my mouth and sucking it deep, rubbing against each other. We were so passionately kissing. While I was squeezing her breasts and rubbing her clit. Faster and faster.

I put my fingers like spiderman and started entering her pussy with my middle and ring finger. Rubbing her clit with my thumb. I grab her pussy between my fingers and start fingering her faster and faster. Going deeper. Exploring her deep secrets. She was now wiggling around.

She was about to cum. I held her tight and mover my fingers faster and faster. I am not leaving her lips. We kept kissing. I was not letting her open her mouth. I locked them with my lips and let her enjoy my fingers down there. She was moaning in my mouth and breathing onto my face.

She finally released all her cum into the hot water. I still have my fingers inside her, spreading her pussy lips to take some hot water inside. She was catching her breath, breathing heavily. Satisfied. Biting her lips. I smile, looking at her beautiful face, and kiss her lips.

She turns around such that her flat belly is now rubbing my dick. She moves up and down my body rubbing my dick to get it into its complete length. She looks into my eyes in a naughty way and says,

Anjali: Now give me that dick. I am hungry.

I immediately get up, sit on the bathtub rim, spreading my legs. My dick was all wet and hot with the water. Droplets of water are dripping down from the top of the cock to the base. She gets down on her knees in the tub and starts looking at my cock like a hungry wild cat.

She puts out her tongue and takes the dripping water drop into her mouth before it reaches the base. She then looks into my eyes, licks her lips, and bites her lower lip. I was smiling, knowing what was going to happen next. Grabbing my balls in her hands, she takes in the cock into her mouth as far as she could.

Then sucking it while she pulled them out. Feels amazing. I hold her head with my hands and let her suck on my dick. She was rolling her tongue. Scratching it with her teeth. Sucking the balls. Deep throats.

I was is in heaven. She was so good at cock sucking. She knows the right spots and the technique. It was amazing. I was so hard after all that. If she continues doing this for another minute, I would have cum right into her mouth. But I wanted some tighter space where my dick can be squeezed.

I wanted it in her pussy. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I signaled her that I was ready for her pussy. Immediately she gave me some space to get into the water. Then she put her naked pussy lips on my belly.

Sitting on me, she started sliding down my body. Rubbing her pussy as she goes down. Looking into my eyes the whole time. Once she reached my groin, she grabs it and rubs the whole length on her pussy lips. Teasing me. But we both were equally desperate to have it inside.

Within no time, she slid the head of my cock into her. Then sitting on it to take the complete length inside her. I was slicing her like a hot knife on butter. The tight pussy felt amazing around my rock hard dick. We enjoyed the feeling for a second.

Facing each other in a lazy man position, we started kissing, and she started fucking me. She was moving her hips up and down, holding each other closely. I was holding her waist and holding her not to lose balance. With every jerk, the water started splashing, some went out of the tub. We were in no mood to care.

We start increasing our speed and start fucking harder. I moved my hips up and down to add to her speed. The slippery bathtub added more excitement. After some time, she bent back such that my dick was bent away from me. Our legs were crossed with each other.

For every jerk, we were moving towards each other. My dick was rubbing her pussy’s upper wall with some pressure because of leaning back. We unknowingly removed the knob to drain off the water. By the time the water was completely drained, we had stood up.

Anjali was now facing the wall while I was drilling her from behind. Our right legs were on the rim of the tub. I am grabbing her thighs close to mine, touching each other. While my other hand was squeezing her boobs and my dick was fucking her tiny pussy.

She was moaning so erotically. I was breathing heavily on her back, biting her shoulder and neck. With all the action, her hair is no more in a bun. It was wet and sexy on her naked back. I grab her hair and pull it. She raises her head as a response. Enjoying every inch of her body, hugging each other tightly.

I continue to fuck her like a wild dog. After about 15 minutes of hard wild fucking, we were about to release our loads. Anjali took a deep breath and released all her load. Her body was shivering with pleasure. I hold her very tight in my strong arms and keep fucking her.

I let her release her whole love juice out. Anjali dug her nails into my body while cumming. The wetness of her pussy made me fuck even faster and hard. I could hear my hips spanking her with every jerk. Then I started releasing my load.

Enjoying the pleasure, I gave her love bites and squeezed her boobs so hard that they became red. I release all my load into her. Filling her up. Our love juices both mixed up was dripping down her pussy on to her thighs. Warm and thick. Breathing heavily on her back, we remain in that position for a minute.

I was trying to catch my breath, tired from the ejaculation. We were sweating from all the fucking and the steam in the room. Later, I opened the shower tap and let some cool water flow on our hot bodies. We cleaned each other with soap and kissing a lot in between.

Then we dried each other up with towels. We got out of the bathroom to see the bedroom room was filled with steam. We laughed and kissed. Still naked. This is how we started our day with erotic sex in the bathtub.

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