Pain and Pleasure

One day, I got a text from my husband, “Hey, can you make Maggi? I am very hungry.” It was a Saturday and my hubby goes to play cricket with his friends. I said, “No, I am working on my presentations.”

I knew he might have got furious, but we were married for three years now, and we do live together and have found out ways to live in the presence of each other.

By the way, let me describe myself. I am Simraan who was a bomb in college. I was Miss. Fresher and always was surrounded by good-looking men. The entire college was behind me as a college girl. I even had a lovely boyfriend, a handsome hunk. But due to his financial conditions and his different caste, my parents never agreed on the marriage.

I had to forcefully marry Shambhu, who was a well-earning person but did not know much about love or passion. He did treat me well, but he was not like my boyfriend, who also, happens to be an artist and surprised me with different acts. Like, writing a song for me, taking me for a long drive at night, or planning my birthday on the cruise, etc.

Even though after having money, all such things were missing from my life nowadays in marriage. The only pleasure I got was when I forced my husband to be my slave for coming into my life.

I never loved my husband and while having sex, I always imagined my boyfriend and it gave me amazing sexual pleasures. It was the only reason my marriage was working or else I would have run away long back.

Coming back to the story.

Me: Don’t you dare order me again, Shambhu. Remember, I am not your slave to cook your food, I earn my own money and make my living. You remember to take care of your stuff. To hell with your Maggi.

My husband did not reply. But I received a surprising image on WhatsApp. The image had nylon ropes, dotted condoms, lubes, candles, and a stick.

I just send him a few angry smileys.

Soon my husband entered the room with his cricket kits, all muddy and soaked in sweat. I just did not like the sight and told him, “Naha le harami, you look like a gali ka kutta.”

He did not say anything. He went inside. I just was missing my boyfriend badly. My bf always used to take me out to clubs on Saturday. But, my husband Shambhu was stupid and did not know anything about what women want.

I just worked my black tight leggings and my strapped bra and net jacket. I was in a real bad mood to punish Shambhu that day. Also, I took some imaginative pleasures about how my life would have been different with my boyfriend.

I was waiting in the living room, sitting on the couch. Shambhu came away from the kitchen with Maggi in his hands. I knew he was tired from playing cricket. I threw the Maggi packet away from his hands and pushed him on the couch!

“How dare you eat without me? Don’t you have the manners to ask me first? My bf never did this, he always made sure that I had eaten first.”

“You are a dumbfuck asshole.” And I slapped him. He was wearing his shorts and a t-shirt and specs. I just slapped him so hard that his specs fell. He tried picking it up from the ground.

I stopped him, “I dare you to pick that up. I don’t want you to see me naked. I hate anyone else seeing me naked apart from my bf. You cunt, could not refuse the marriage, now suffer for life. I will never love you bitch. You will always be my slave or nothing. You are just a dog to me, not even a human. You are a soul-less cunt.”

I just pinched him and he did not move. Again, I was just cursing him. I slapped him and both were feeling disgusted. It was a weird marriage, but both had accepted it and our family knew nothing about this. Probably, we both were miserable and had no other options.

It was time to punish my husband more. I just removed his t-shirt and bit his nipples several times. He was moaning in pain. (Everyone knows how badly women bite. It’s our secret weapon!)

Then I took the cane and just hit him on his palms. It turned red.

“You ruined my life, you moron, bastard.” Shumbhu did not utter a word and was embarrassed.

I took him to the bedroom. I had rolled a joint. I had been smoking the entire day so I was already high to feel my boyfriend in my husband. I gave him a joint to, he smoked shyly and coughed as he had never smoked before. I got him high with my smoke.

Then I just pushed him onto the bed. We had a bed that had iron rods as the head of the bed so that the hands can be easily tied to the bed. I took out the nylon ropes and tied Shambhu’s hands and hit him with the cane. His cock was getting erect, I must say his cock was very big.

I just grabbed and pressed my husband’s cock hard and slapped his balls. He moaned like a baby! I just took off his shorts and was smashing his cock. I could feel the heat. I took off my jacket and pushed my boobs onto his face.

I choked him for breath. It was a good 15 minutes sucking and my boobs were red now. I kept on pressing his cock. Then I took off my bra and tied his mouth with it so that he could not shout while I punished his cock.

I just started licking it from the top, then grabbed his balls tightly and sucked it deep into my mouth. I choked myself this time.

There was a candle. I just lit a joint and started pouring burning wax on his chest! He was moaning in pain but was enjoying it too. I was enjoying it as well and was high.

I knew he cannot see me properly without the specs so I took off my leggings. My pussy was all wet. I sucked my husband’s cock again with smoky mouth and I loved every bit of the cock and ganja taste inside my mouth.

My pussy was dripping. He was already ready moaning from my BDSM actions. The next moment, I sat on my submissive husband’s hard dick and started riding him. I could feel my bf as if he would have fucked me. (It is an ultimate pain to fuck someone else and thinking about someone else.)

I continued riding him hard. Soon I was short of breath, but his cock was still hard. I put my hands on his chest and kept riding it hard. He was shaking his head and I knew he was about to cum.

I got up and took his cock in my mouth and put my pussy on his face. Shambhu unloaded the entire cum in my mouth and he grabbed my pussy from his mouth. We just lied down for a few minutes.

Now, it was my time to serve my hubby. I untied him. He then slapped me without saying anything! I had taught him well! He went outside and brought the fur and put it in on the round table. I was just standing and thinking about what he will do now to punish me.

He then slapped my boobs several times. I could see my boyfriend. I was completely away from my senses. He then smashed my ass, it went red. He tied my hands. The fur was on the table to support my boobs and skin from the wooden table.

Then I lied on the table. He just used the cane to hit me in my inner thighs and asked me to spread my legs. I was lying with my face on the table and tied hands flying in the air.

I got a tight slap again as I did not spread enough. He again went away for a few seconds and came back. My husband then put a few ice cubes in my pussy. I like the cold feeling in my hole. He then hit me with the cane again. I spread my legs further.

My husband then fingered me with three fingers inside my pussy and dripping water.

Just after a few minutes of fingering, I was wet again. He bit my clitoris with his mouth and I moaned hard and said, “Stop, stop, stop Shambhu.” But, he knew well what to do.

He sat on the floor and ate my pussy and pushed a few more ice cubes and slapped my pussy. It was time for the final drilling. He kept me in that position, came near my mouth, and asked me to suck again. I took inside the entire cock again. He pulled my hair and choked my throat. I spilled on his cock and lubricated it well.

My hubby choked me and his cock was hard now. He then applied some Durex lubes on my ass and hit me with the cane to spread the legs. He started rubbing with his cock slowly. He held my hairs and pulled it and I moaned.

Then his cock entered my ass hole. He grabbed my hips and started stroking it inside my ass like an animal. I was moaning, but it was a sweet pleasure. I could feel both the emotion of pain and pleasure. How amazing it would have been if it was my bf!

But as I turned, I saw Shambhu who was standing near my mouth and shaking his cock. I saw the entire cum spread over my face which I had to lick as an obedient wife.

Later, we took a hot shower, cleaned ourselves. We did not talk much Shambhu fucked me again in my ass hole as he was in love with my ass. Then we ate pizza and slept turning on the ac.

For three years, we are each other’s slaves and pleasing each other. I imagine that one day my boyfriend will fuck me like this!

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