HR Manager

Her name is Swapna and she is 27 years old. She has features that look like actress Charmi Kaur. Her boobs are 36C and everyone in the office has a crush on her. I am very close to her due to my work.

She trusts me and treats me as a good friend. I am fascinated by her boobs and can’t help staring at them. Now due to this Corona lockdown, we are all forced to from home.

One day my HR manager called me and said we have to complete some pending work and requested me to come to her flat so that we could complete the task.

I obtained a police pass and permission to be on the street. I went to her flat in the early morning at 6:00. She opened the door. She was in a t-shirt and shorts. She invited me inside and I was watching her boobs, which were bouncing while she was walking. Presumably, she didn’t wear a bra when she was at home.

I sat on the sofa. She went inside her bedroom to freshen up.

Swapna: Hey, you came so early yaar.

Me: Later there will be police issues and they will question if you are on the road.

Swapna: Ohhh, if you are okay we can start working.

Me: Ok, I am ready.

Swapna: We can go to the bedroom and work there as I am more comfortable working there.

Me: Ok, no problem.

As I went inside the bedroom, I saw a sports bra hanging on the chair. The HR manager too noticed it and picked it up and kept it in her cupboard. We started working.

I could see her cleavage from her t-shirt. She observed me watching and said, “Concentrate on work, not on my body parts.”

I said, “Sorry.” We had completed some work and then I got ready to leave.

Swapna: Work is not fully completed, if you are comfortable you can stay in my flat. My friend is also not here today.

Me: Ok, but the problem is I have not brought any clothes to change.

Swapna: Let’s see. I will give my shorts or track.

Me: Ok.

Swapna: So, don’t go to stay here.

Me: Ok, sure.

Swapna: I will prepare dinner for us and you go and have a bath in the meantime.

Me: Ok.

I went to take a bath. After that, I came out with only a towel tied around my waist. She gave me her shorts which I wore it. I was roaming topless. She was okay with that. Then she went to bathe and came wearing a nighty. We had dinner and I said, “I will sleep in the hall.”

Swapna: Why?

Me: We both can’t sleep in the same bed.

Swapna: Ohhh, no problems we are friends, come on.

Me: Ok if you have no problems, then it’s ok with me.

Swapna: You can be free as if you are staying in your own house.

I started laughing.

Swapna: Why are you laughing? What happened?

Me: If I want to stay as if I am in my flat, you will run away.

Swapna: Why?

Me: I have a habit of sleeping naked.

Swapna: No big deal. Sometimes I too sleep naked.

Me: Really?

Swapna: Ya, actually it is very good for health.

Me: Then why we are damaging our health by wearing clothes. Shall we remove them?

Swapna: Ok.

I removed my shorts inside the blanket and threw them out. Swapna came out of the blanket, removed her nighty, and then her pantie. From the side view, I saw my HR manager’s huge boobs and naked back. She entered into the blanket quickly.

Me: You are looking sexy.

Swapna: I think you have a crush on me.

Me: Ya.

Swapna: What do you want to do with me?

I took her hand and placed it on my erected dick.

Swapna: Wow. It is so big.

Me: It would love to enter your pussy.

Swapna removed the blanket and caught my dick. As we both are naked I started to press her boobs. She was moaning. She said she wanted to fuck in the hall by watching porn.

When we went to the hall, she told me to select any porn video from her CD collection. I found a hardcore fucking video and cast it on her TV. I pushed her on the sofa and without much effort inserted my dick inside her and started fucking.

Swapna: Fuck me hard.

Me: I want to try anal with you.

Swapna: You can do whatever you want.

Me: I am fucking you without a condom, is there any problem?

Swapna: I will take pills.

Me: Fucking without a condom is so nice and pleasurable.

Swapna: I want to try doggy style.

I made her bend and started to fuck from back. She was moaning heavily. She asked me to switch on all lights as she wants to see and enjoy.

We were smooching and I was holding her boobs. I started stroking heavily. Then I cummed inside my HR manager’s pussy.

After that, we tried 69 position and I saw that she was cleanly shaven. I started licking her pussy and inserted my tongue deep into her.

Swapna: Haaah.. come on, lick it..

Me: Suck my cock.

She quickly took it inside her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. The juices were coming out of her pussy and I was licking it. She was licking my balls.

Soon, I cummed inside Swapna’s mouth and on her boobs. I spread my sperm on her boobs and was massaging her with it.

Then she asked, “Can you give me a real massage?”

I brought oil from her bedroom (she told me where it was kept) and started to pour it on her and started massaging. I was massaging with my body on her.

My dick was trying to enter her. We started smooching and foreplay then slept naked on the floor in the hall. In the morning, I saw her butt while waking up and I got into the mood and slowly inserted my tool inside her and started fucking.

She was on cloud 9, moaning heavily. I cummed inside her and went to the washroom. She followed me into the washroom after I came out. But I still had an erection.

Swapna: You are hard again. You have good stamina in sex.

Me: So, are you satisfied?

Swapna: I need this daily.

Me: If you are okay, I will fuck you day and night.

Swapna: Haha, shall we go for a bath?

Me: Ya, I will fuck you there also.

Swapna: It is your wish.

We went inside and under the shower, we were hugging each other and playing with our bodies. The HR manager knelt down to give me a blowjob. She was sucking my cock like a lollipop and I was watching her bouncing boobs.

Then, I cummed on her boobs and continued fingering her. I applied soap all over her body and started to feel her from behind. After a shower with the water droplets still on her body, we went to the bedroom directly.

I threw her on the bed and was licking her body from the bottom. I bit her boobs and nipples and was playing with her pussy. Later, I asked her, “What is her fantasy?”

Swapna: I want to do a threesome with hard fucking. At the same time, I want to take 2 dick inside my pussy.

Me: Really?

Swapna: If you are okay, then I can speak with my friend as he is also interested in a threesome.

Me: Has he fucked you?

Swapna: Ya, so many times.

Me: Then if you are okay, I am ready to do a threesome.

Swapna: Ok. I will call him and both of you can fuck me as hard as you will want.

Me: Definitely.

She called her male friend and he was ready for the threesome. The continuing story about my threesome sex with my sexy HR manager will be posted later after seeing your replies.

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